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Building Affordable Housing

Six Key Strategies to Addressing Needs in Albuquerque

April 4, 2022: The Family & Community Services (FCS) Department has released the Strategies for Increasing & Protecting Affordable Housing in Albuquerque Plan for 2022–2025.

Based on information gathered from the Homeless Coordinating Council and Housing Committee, assessment from the 2018–2022 Consolidated Plan, and data collected in 2019 and 2020 in partnership with the Urban Institute, FCS has identified six key strategies to help provide more affordable housing in Albuquerque:

  1. Acquire, convert, and rehabilitate old motels into affordable efficiency apartments
  2. Develop affordable rental units through new construction or the acquisition and remodeling of existing multi-family properties
  3. Preserve existing affordable units
  4. Create more supportive housing vouchers
  5. Create project-based vouchers
  6. Increase down payment assistance to help low- and moderate-income homeowners purchase their own homes.

“The City is committed to meeting the full spectrum of housing needs in our community,” said Deputy Director of Housing Lisa Huval. “We’re grateful for all the work our partners contributed here to get a clear picture of what Albuquerque needs regarding affordable housing. This plan provides a clear road map for our City to meet those needs and to ensure that everyone in our community has a place to call home.”

View the Affordable Housing Strategies Plan on the FCS website or go to