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City Releases the 2023 Climate Action Implementation Report

Report captures progress during the second year of the Climate Action Plan
November 27, 2023

Today, the City of Albuquerque announced the release of its second Climate Action Plan Implementation Report (CAP-IR). The 2023 CAP-IR builds on previous efforts and reflects on the strong calls to action from Albuquerque’s frontline communities captured in the 2021 Climate Action Plan (CAP). The 2021 CAP highlighted the importance of actions to change systems and invest in opportunities both to protect communities already vulnerable to climate change and to create access for all residents to receive the benefits of climate action.

“We’re making significant progress on our climate action goals this year, including becoming the first city to create an equity committee in support of the federal Justice40 initiative,” said Mayor Tim Keller. “We are focused on making our home a more climate resilient place for our families, and for the future families of Albuquerque.”

Each CAP-IR summarizes progress over the fiscal year on strategies across all CAP themes: sustainable buildings, renewable energy, clean transportation, recycling and waste, economic development, and climate conscious neighborhoods and resources. Reporting on implementation strategies presents a clear picture of recent progress along the focused, actionable pathway to fulfilling a vision of a more sustainable and equitable Albuquerque.

Highlights from this year’s report include:

  • Municipal energy efficiency retrofits resulting in an estimated savings of $54 million annually, in combined energy and operations savings;
  • The City received multiple grants, exceeding $22 million, to support public transportation access and electric vehicle infrastructure;
  • The City partnered with National Resource Defense Council to better estimate food waste and rescue potential, finding about 112,000 tons of food is wasted in Albuquerque each year; and
  • The Sustainability Office held three community engagement sessions covering 8 initiatives, with 12 speakers, and over 90 suggestions for initiative improvements.

“Albuquerque is committed to taking large strides towards meeting a broad range of sustainability goals to improve our adaptation, resiliency, and quality of life,” said Denise Castillo-Gonzalez, Acting Sustainability Officer. “Equity is at the forefront of our strategies, to make sure that all of our communities can progress toward a more climate friendly future.”

Following the 2023 CAP-IR’s release, the Sustainability Office will continue to collaborate across City departments, utilities, community organizations and others to engage and amplify mobilization and communication on the plan’s strategies. The Sustainability Office will expand community engagement, incorporating lessons and feedback from the previous year; and will continue to complete yearly, follow-up reporting through updated versions of the CAP-IR.

View the full report here. Both English and Spanish versions of the report are available on the City’s website.