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Neighborhood Traffic Management Program Policy Manual

Updates to the Neighborhood Traffic Management Program, R-14-99

The City has launched a webpage that contains the Policy Manual itself, an online system for applying for management of speeding, cut-through and other traffic problems in your neighborhood, and contact information for further information. You may apply here.

What is this Project About?

R-14-99 was adopted at the February 18 Council meeting. This document will replace the current Neighborhood Traffic Management Program (NTMP) manual and policy, which was adopted in 2003. R-14-99 will be used by the Traffic Engineering Division of the Department of Municipal Development to help address:

  • speeding
  • cut-through traffic
  • other issues on residential streets

Supporting Documents

Description Document
Final Adopted NTMP Policy

NTMP Policy

Amendments to the R-14-99 adopted at the City Council Meeting on February 2, 2015

Amendment 1

Amendment 2

Supplied as an exhibit to R-14-99, including the resolution. The Original Draft Manual
Comments collected by the Department of Municipal Development during the development of the manual and at public meetings held in June and July 2013, with analysis and responses from the DMD and their consultants.

Written comments

Comments made at public meetings

Draft with edits recommended by Council Staff based on ongoing sponsor and stakeholder feedback and amendments adopted by the Council's Land Use, Planning and Zoning Committee at its Jan. 14 hearing. Redline Draft

Redline Draft Notes:

    • The legislation refers to the document as STEP, or Streets and Traffic Enhancement Program. In order to reduce confusion, the LUPZ Committee recommended retaining the Neighborhood Traffic Management Program (NTMP) name.
    • Additions and deletions from the NTMP Policy Manual document have caused some reordering of pages. Page numbers and missing graphics, such as the map of emergency routes, will be added in a final draft post-adoption.

Contact Information

For questions, please contact Andrew Webb, City Council Policy Analyst, Planning: [email protected] or 505-768-3161.