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North 4th Street Rank III Corridor Plan

 Drafts of the North 4th Street Rank III Corridor Plan provided to City Council.
North Fourth Street Rank III Corridor Plan
North Fourth Street Background and Resources Materials

4th Street and Montano Area Improvements is a special project within the North 4th Street Rank III Corridor Plan.

The current zoning map is available.

The form-based overlay zone map is available.

The Plan

The City of Albuquerque proposes redeveloping 4th Street from Lomas Boulevard to Solar Road, a distance of four and one third miles.

The envisioned renaissance of 4th Street is a cohesive, integrated transit corridor that promotes:

  • Shopping
  • Housing
  • Employment
  • Services

and recognizes and builds on existing and potential centers and activities.

The plan identifies and recommends a varied set of strategies and programs to make redevelopment possible through public and private investments and policies, as well as, public projects that reinvigorate 4th Street and surrounding areas. The strategies include:

  • Improve the business climate along North Fourth Street
  • Improve the physical appearance and infrastructure along 4th Street
  • Create a unifying vision for the North Valley
  • Tie neighborhoods together in a "main street"
  • Create a positive force North for Valley Redevelopment