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Oral History Projects

Oral History Projects from Albuquerque Museum


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Oral History 
Johnny J. Armijo

November 26, 2002
This interview was conducted as part of a project by the Albuquerque Museum to document the lives of people living in various city neighborhoods. Topics: Thee Chekkers, the South Valley, the Bosque, growing up in the South Valley, Ernie Pyle Middle School, Jack Ayala, Jerry Pacheco, Alfred Romero, David Nuñez, Nick Luchetti, Randy Castillo, Horn Oil, Atrisco Land Grant, Conrad Hilton, alcoholism, DWI Planning Council, Don Lesman’s Music Box, living in Salt Lake City, gang activity in the South Valley, Chicanismo, Sidro Garcia, Tom Barsanti, The Czars, Jim Burgett, Sloopy and the Red Barons, Fuller Brush and Rainbow Vacuum, Al Hurricane, Bennie Sanchez, meeting James Brown, Transmission Magazine, Los Padillas Community Center programming.

Oral History 
Kathleen Schwartzman

October 7, 2019
This interview discusses Kathleen Schwartzman’s time with the Albuquerque Museum in its early years and her leadership in getting a bond passed to build the new museum near Old Town. It also discusses her time with the Cultural Services Department and the KiMo Theater.

Oral History 
Bernie Butterfield

July 26, 2019
This interview talks about Bernie Butterfield and his store, Butterfield Jewelers, in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He discusses the history of his business and his experience during the Roosevelt Park Riot of 1971. He also discusses the impact of the riot and later Central Avenue developments on his business.

Oral History
Charles Aguilar

February 10, 2003
This interview begins with the subject talking about his knowledge of and involvement in the Matachines dances done in the Town of Bernalillo, New Mexico. Mr. Aguilar also talks about his long involvement with Bernalillo Public Schools and the local government.


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