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History Resources

Information about historical resources about Albuquerque.


Available through the Albuquerque Public Libraries and/or the University of New Mexico Libraries.

  • Alberts, Don. Balloons to Bombers: Aviation in Albuquerque, 1882-1945. Albuquerque: The Albuquerque Museum, 1987.
  • Balcomb, Kenneth. A Boy's Albuquerque, 1889-1912. Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press, 1980.
  • Barnhart, Jan Dodson, and Byron Johnson. An Albuquerque Bibliography. Albuquerque: UNM General Library and The Albuquerque Museum, 1980.
  • Biebel, Charles. Making the Most of It: Public Works in Albuquerque During the Great Depression, 1929-1942. Albuquerque: The Albuquerque Museum, 1986.
  • Davis, Mary and Michael J. Rock. Huning Highland Neighborhood Walking Tour. Albuquerque: Historic Landmarks Survey. Revised 1996 by Ann and Jim Carson and Janice Sperling, M.D.
  • DeWitt, Susan. Historic Albuquerque Today: An Overview Survey of Historic Buildings and Districts. Albuquerque: Historic Landmarks Survey of Albuquerque, 1978.
  • Dolittle, George. As I Remember. Albuquerque: Aiken Printing, 1973.
  • Drew, Laurel, Howard Henry, and Eldon Pierce. Newspaper Index, Vital Records in the Albuquerque Daily Citizen, various years. Albuquerque: The Genealogy Club of Albuquerque, 1996; Special Collections Library, Edith and Central.
  • Fitzpatrick, George and Harvey Caplin. Albuquerque: 100 Years in Pictures. Albuquerque: Calvin Horn Publisher, 1975.
    Freeman, Patricia. S.E. Heights Neighborhoods of Albuquerque, 1993, NP.
  • Gill, Don. The Stories Behind the Street Names of Albuquerque, Santa Fe and Taos. Chicago: Bonus Books, Inc., 1994.
  • Hughes, Dorothy. Pueblo on the Mesa. The First Fifty Years at UNM. Albuquerque: UNM Press, 1939.
  • Hurt, Mary Darden and Lillian Dolde. That's My Bank! History of Albuquerque National Bank. Starline Press, 1996.
  • Johnson, Byron and Sharon Johnson. Gilded Palaces of Shame. Albuquerque: Gilded Age Press, 1983.
  • Johnson, Byron. Old Town Albuquerque, New Mexico: A Guide to its History and Architecture. Albuquerque: Albuquerque City, 1980.
  • Johnson, Byron and Robert Dauner. Early Albuquerque: A Photographic History, 1870-1918. Albuquerque: The Albuquerque Journal and The Albuquerque Museum, 1981.
  • Melzer, Richard. Ernie Pyle in the American Southwest. Santa Fe: Sunstone Press, 1996.
  • Price, V.B. A City at the End of the World. Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press, 1992.
  • Romero, Cynthia and Arthur Romero. Albuquerque Trivia. Pennsylvania: Infinity Publishing, 2007. 
  • Salmon, Pamela. The Presbyterian Odyssey, 1908-1996. Albuquerque: Presbyterian Healthcare Services, 1996.
  • Sargeant, Kathryn and Mary Davis. Shining River Precious Land: An Oral History of Albuquerque's North Valley. Albuquerque: The Albuquerque Museum, 1986, 1995.
  • Simmons, Marc. Albuquerque: A Narrative History. Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press, 1982.
  • Steele, Thomas J., S.J. Works and Days: A History of San Felipe Neri Church, 1867-1895. Albuquerque: The Albuquerque Museum, 1983.
  • Church Buildings and Land in Old Albuquerque, In Celebration of the Bicentennial of the Present Church Structure, 1793-1993. Albuquerque: San Felipe Neri Church, 1993.
  • Woodham, Marion. A History of Presbyterian Hospital: 1908-1979. Albuquerque: Presbyterian Hospital Center, 1979.

Theses and Dissertations

UNM, Zimmerman Library, some works about Albuquerque. Call number LD378; early works, call number 378; circulating copies, and UNM Archive, archival copies.


The Albuquerque Museum

Broadcast: Government Cable Channel 14, call Media Resources, 768-3958, for broadcast times. Purchase: La Tienda, Albuquerque Museum Gift Shop

  • New Deal Films, Inc., The Albuquerque Museum: Alburquerque and the Rio Grande, 1706-1880. GEM Theater, shown daily; available for purchase, museum gift shop.
  • New Deal Films, Inc., Albuquerque: City of Many Cultures, 1880-1940. GEM Theater, shown daily, available for purchase, museum gift shop.
  • Johnson, Byron, Producer. Early Albuquerque: The Railroad Boom Years. The Albuquerque Museum, 1991. Available for purchase, museum gift shop.
  • Palmer, Mo and Michael Kamins, The Albuquerque Museum. Albuquerque, City of Change, 1940-1980. The Albuquerque Museum, GEM Theater, shown daily.

KNME TV, Channel 5

Broadcast, check local listings. Available for purchase, KNME, call Denise Ward, 277-1227.

  • Gonda, Brian, Producer. Martineztown. Colores. KNME TV, 1993.
  • Kamins, Michael, Producer. A City at the End of the World. Colores. KNME TV, 1993.
  • Kamins, Michael and Mo Palmer, Producers. The Tingleys of New Mexico. Colores. KNME TV, 1995
  • The Alvarado Hotel. Colores. KNME TV, 1996
  • More Albuquerque Places of the Heart. Colores. KNME TV, 1998.
  • Purrington, Chris. Riding the Great Iron Horse, KNME TV, 1997.
  • Purrington, Chris and Mo Palmer. Albuquerque, Places of the Heart. Colores. KNME TV, 1997.

Archival and Library Resources

  • Albuquerque City Directories, 1908-present. Albuquerque Public Library, Fifth and Copper; Center for Southwest Research, Zimmerman Library.
  • The Albuquerque Museum Photoarchive, Albuquerque history photographs, to 1960; untranscribed oral history tapes. By appointment only, limited hours. 243-7255.
  • Albuquerque Progress Magazine, University of New Mexico Library, Parish Branch.
  • Albuquerque Public Library, Fifth and Copper. Newspapers on microfilm, maps, monographs, vertical files, research assistance. 768-5141.
  • Albuquerque Public Library Special Collections, Edith and Central, New Mexico items, rare books, genealogy library. Research assistance, limited hours. 848-1376.
  • National Museum of Nuclear Science & History, Kirtland Air Force Base East. Exhibits, photographs, nuclear and military activities. (505) 245-2137 .
  • Center for Southwest Research, University of New Mexico, Zimmerman Library. History literature, manuscripts, papers, microfilms; oral histories, architectural history, census records, Hispanic documents, dissertations. Photoarchive. 277-6451.
  • City of Albuquerque, Planning Department. Plaza del Sol building, North Second Street between Roma and Lomas; File room, limited hours. 924-3860.
  • Earth Data Analysis Center, University of New Mexico. Aerial photographs. 277-3622
  • MAGIC, Map and Geography Information Center, University of New Mexico Libraries, Science and Engineering Branch. Sanborn Fire Insurance Company maps on microfilm, maps.
  • Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District, Photographs. Limited hours. 247-0234
  • United States Forest Service, photographs. 842-3292.
  • University of New Mexico Archive, Center for Southwest Research, Zimmerman Library. History of UNM. Limited hours. 277-6451
  • University of New Mexico, Health Sciences Library. Photographs, medical history. 277-2311
  • University of New Mexico, Zimmerman Library, Albuquerque Newspapers on microfilm.

Additional Resources

  • Businesses, churches, clubs, fraternal, neighborhood, and other organizations, hospitals, schools, and similar groups may hold photographs and documentation of their past.
  • Academic journals and magazines available at the Albuquerque Public Libraries and the University of New Mexico libraries may contain articles about Albuquerque history. Research assistance available.