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Tom Joyce, Rio Grande Gates

On view in the West Garden

sculpture garden 2020

Tom Joyce
1956 Tulsa, Oklahoma; lives Santa Fe, New Mexico
Rio Grande Gates
mild steel and found objects
Albuquerque Museum, museum purchase, 1993 General Obligation Bonds and W & W Steel

Rio Grande Gates is a pleasant design of uniform squares. Closer inspection reveals the textures in the squares are conglomerations of found objects. Utilizing materials found in the Rio Grande Bosque including chain link fence, bed springs, a swing set, and erosion control wires, the gate provides a point of intrigue and physical connection to New Mexico. The rhythmic square patterns serve to frame each of these found object compositions and allude to the complex and collective story of New Mexico’s inhabitants. It provides an opportunity to contemplate our connection to the land and water where we live and it serves as a commentary on materialism, consumption, and waste.