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The Cycle of Domestic Violence

Are you being abused or abusing someone? Review the cycle of domestic violence.

Cycle of ViolenceStage One - Tension Building Stage

The victim feels as though she or he is walking on eggshells or waiting for the other shoe to drop. The abuser is moody, easily agitated, and unpredictable. There is an air of heightened anxiety.

Stage Two - Acute or Abusive Stage

This is the most violent state, involving concentrated, intense emotional or verbal abuse and or actual physical abuse. The abuse is an explosion or eruption of the tension described in stage one.

Stage Three - Honeymoon Stage

The abuser apologizes and promises to never do it again. The abuser may blame the victim for the violent acts. The victim experiences many feelings, from anger to love to confusion. The victim believes the abuser and the cycle continues.