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Victim's Rights and Assistance

The Victim's Assistance Unit helps crime victims get help with medical expenses, counseling, a restraining order, pre-court preparation, advocacy with landlords, and referrals for self-defense courses. But most of all, the advocates of the Victim Assistance Unit are here to support crime victims in whatever they choose to do.

Call the Victim's Assistance Unit at 505-243-2333.

A supervisor with the District Attorney's office will review your case to determine whether or not there is sufficient evidence and/or leads to pursue in the investigation of your case. If a decision is made to continue the investigation, an investigator may be in contact with you to set up another interview with you at a later date to try to answer questions that come up as the case progresses. You will be notified in person or by letter of the status of your case. If you have questions about what is happening with your case, call The Victim Impact Program at 505-222-1204.

If a crime has been committed, and a suspect is arrested and charged, your case will be referred to the District Attorney. The District Attorney's office will review the case and make a decision whether or not to prosecute the suspect. Your input regarding your case can be directed to The Victim Impact Program at 505-222-1204, who can also let you know what is happening with your case.