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Defendant's Release

If there has been an arrest in Bernalillo County, and you would like to be informed when the suspect in your case is released from jail, you must ask that the jail inform you by calling 505-839-8700 and selecting option 4 or asking for "notification" when prompted. You will then be connected to New Mexico VINELink. You may also contact VINELink directly at at 877-551-8463 or

It is best to make this request as soon as possible, as it is difficult to determine how long a suspect will be held in jail before being released on bond.

If the suspect has been arrested outside of Bernalillo County, you must contact the jail in that county to get information about the suspect's release.

If you would like correctional officials to keep your address, telephone number, place of employment, or other personal information confidential, you must request this with the appropriate facility.