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About the Family Advocacy Center

Information about the Family Advocacy Center.

If you are a mother with small children and you are being abused by your husband, statistics show your children are often being abused by him as well. In order to get yourself and your children to live in safety you must negotiate the law enforcement and legal systems, the medical system, the education system, and the human service system while you are trying to keep your job and, perhaps, seek the support of your faith community. It is a tall order, especially when you are scared and, no matter what your financial status, your access to resources has been limited by your abuser. For some victims, there are the added burdens of language and cultural barriers.

Research has consistently shown that adult and child victims of family violence who successfully move into healthy living situations need up to 32 different organizations to help them get there. Sadly, many victims return to abuse because the systems which are in place to help them seem too cumbersome to negotiate at a time when they are most vulnerable. The difficulty is compounded by the fact that the systems do not communicate efficiently with one another. For most victims it is difficult to find the courage to move forward after being so seriously diminished for so long. In many cases it is the abuse of the children, not of themselves, that moves the victim to action. Those who muster that courage are met by a disconnected system that often loses them somewhere along the way.

The Vision

We envision a community where interpersonal violence is unacceptable at anytime, in any place, by anyone. We will achieve this vision by engaging all stakeholders of our community in building a system of care that supports victims of violence and sexual assault. By doing this, we will increase the quality of life for everyone who lives here.

The Mission

To establish a Family Advocacy Center where adult and child victims of interpersonal violence and sexual assault have access to comprehensive, multi-disciplinary services. The focus of the Albuquerque Family Advocacy Center will be to decrease victim trauma and intimidation while providing supportive services in respectful and culturally appropriate ways.

Advantages of a Family Advocacy Center

  • Victim friendly and victim safe environment (no suspects).
  • Reduces the investigation time for all agencies involved.
  • Reduces the number of interviews from as many as five to one per case, while at the same time increasing the quality of investigations.
  • Eliminates travel time for victims and significantly reduces travel for all service providers.
  • Improves coordination of multi-disciplinary teams: medical evaluation, forensic, interviews, law enforcement, child/adult protective service investigations, crisis counseling and prosecution.
  • Makes it possible to eliminate language and cultural barriers to service across all service systems.
  • Increases the number of convictions, guilty pleas and plea bargains through the appropriate prosecutorial divisions.

For Emergencies, Please Call 911

The FAC is a multi-agency facility, serving the Albuquerque Metropolitan area. The center combines emergency medical staff, victim advocates, legal and financial assistance along with law enforcement and prosecution in a unique system designed to dramatically decrease the stress and trauma often placed on victims.

If you would like more information, you can contact the FAC at 505-243-2333.

Our trained staff and volunteers can provide personal assistance to victims and their families. The FAC is located at 625 Silver SW, Suite 200.  Hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, no appointment is necessary.

For after hours assistance:

  • For Non-emergencies, please call 505-243-2333
  • After hours, the Albuquerque Family Advocacy Center phone number 505-243-2333 will be answered by victim advocates who can assist or make referrals to address your crisis situation.  For basic or non-emergency contact with service providers please call back Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.


  • You don't deserve to be abused.
  • You deserve to be safe from violence.
  • There is help available.

Please call the Albuquerque Family Advocacy Center.
It could be the most important call you make.