Out-of-State Vehicles & Vehicles Unavailable for Inspection

Information about registering an out-of-state vehicle in Albuquerque or obtaining time extensions for vehicles unavailable for inspection.

Email, Mail or Fax

Please mail, fax or email the completed affidavits or emission certificate and a copy of the vehicle registration or title to the Vehicle Pollution Management Program:

Program address, fax & email

Waiver Form

Time Extension for Vehicles Unavailable for Inspection

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Vehicles in Another Test Area

If you are in an emissions testing area, you are required to have your vehicle tested in that area. Send the original test and the registration renewal notice or a copy of your current registration to our office (not to MVD) and we will process a two year waiver certificate acceptable to MVD.

Vehicles in Areas Without Emissions Testing

If your vehicle is located in an area where emission testing is not available you may receive a one year waiver by submitting an Affidavit of Vehicle Unavailability and an Affidavit of V.I.N. Inspection.

The Affidavit of V.I.N. Inspection must be completed and signed by a Law Enforcement Officer or Military/Campus Police as proof of vehicle unavailability.

Processing Details

Mail, Email or Fax the completed affidavit(s) and/or emission test with a copy of the registration renewal notice to our office in Albuquerque.

We will process a certificate acceptable to MVD and return to you by e-mail, fax or mail for your final registration process.