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Route PDFs
Bus service maps and time tables from the City of Albuquerque's Transit Department.
Minutes for Septermber 2009
Minutes for September 2009
Meeting Minutes for October 2008
November Minutes
New Fare FAQ
Full Report-DEC-Final-090209 (2).doc
PAB February 2009 Meetings
Minutes 5.6.09.doc
July 2009 Minutes
August 2009 Minutes
9.9.09 Minutes
Minutes 10.13.09.doc
Minutes 1.19.10.doc
Minutes 2.9.10.doc
Minutes 3.9.10.doc
Minutes 4.13.10.doc
Honored Citizen ID Card Application.pdf
Sun Van Performance Metrics Draft 05 10 11.pdf
Fixed Route Performance Metrics Draft 05 13 11.pdf
Minutes 5.11.10.pdf
UNM Public Meeting 1 Flier 2.pdf
Montano Intermodal Center Project Application.Final.February 10 2010.pdf
MRCOG Station Area Study FINAL 6.10.pdf
CR Mont Traffic Study FINAL 7.10.pdf
Montano RR Sta cert.NMDOT.08 11 10.pdf
Montano EA DRAFT 4.10.pdf
June 2010 Minutes
July 2010 Minutes
September 2010 Minutes
Convention Center Directions
2010 Tour Map
Minutes 10.12.10.pdf
Minutes 11.9.10.pdf
Minutes 12.14.10.pdf
Minutes 1.11.11.pdf
SunVanAssessment-2010 Report-PDF.pdf
ABQ Paratransit Outbrief-110111.pptx
GBROfficial Contest Rules.pdf
Minutes 4 11
Minutes 5 11
Coal/Lead Detour-Phase III
PTAB Minutes 6-11
PTAB Minutes 7-11
Rt. 11 Wkdys 8-11
Rt. 54 Wkds 8-11
Rt. 140-141 Wkds 8-11
Rte66 State Fair 2011
Rte 66 Wkdays 8-2011
Rte 157 State Fair 2011
Central Avenue BRT
Rte66 State Fair Detour 2011
Rte 777 State Fair Detour 2011
Rte 2 State Fair Detour 2011
Rte 157 State Fair Detour 2011
Rte 31 State Fair Detour
Rte 766 State Fair Detour 2011
Alvarado Transportation Ctr.
Schematic of bus bays
Alvarado Transportation Ctr.
Schematic of bus bays
PTAB Minutes 8-2011
PTAB Minutes 8-2011
PTAB Minutes 8-2011
PTAB Minutes 9-2011
PTAB Minutes 10-2011
PTAB Minutes 11-2011
PTAB Minutes 12-2011
PTAB Minutes 11-2011
Updated All Scheds-05-2012
PTAB Minutes 1-2012
PTAB Minutes 2-2012
ADA Fixed-Route Bus Stop Announcement Policy
A PDF of the Americans with Disabilities Fixed-Route Bus Stop Announcement Policy.
Final ADA Fixed Route Policy 8-12
Title VI Complaint Form
A .pdf of the Title VI Complaint Form.
Bus Stop Number from Google
How to use Google Transit to locate a bus stop number in the ABQ RIDE system to enable use of the Texting application.
Bus Stop Number from PlanYourRide
How to determine your bus stop number using the Plan Your Ride website for enabling the texting application.
July 12, 2012 Transit Advisory Board Minutes
A PDF of the July 12, 2012 Transit Advisory Board Minutes.
PTAB Minutes 5-2012
PTAB Minutes 8-2012
Honored Citizen ID Application
A PDF of ABQ Ride's Honored Citizen ID Application.
Nov. 2012 TAB Minutes
Wanted-MCO's and SVC's
Downtown System Map Dec. '12
Dec. 2012 TAB Draft Minutes
2012 Final Revised Final ADA Announcments Policy
Holidays 2012 schedule
Jan., 13 TAB Minutes
Feb., 13 TAB Minutes
Feb., 2013 Draft Minutes
PTAB Draft Minutes for Feb., 2013
March, 2013 Draft Minutes
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