Keep Albuquerque Beautiful

Information about Keep Albuquerque Beautiful.

An affiliate of Keep America Beautiful since 1982, Keep Albuquerque Beautiful is dedicated to community education on all solid waste management issues and alternatives through litter control, beautification, and graffiti eradication activities.

These activities are geared toward increasing awareness and changing attitudes through public information. Keep Albuquerque Beautiful is part of a national network, the Keep America Beautiful System. They are respected for their success in litter prevention and recognized by the Wirthlin Public Opinion Survey as the most credible source for environmental information.

KAB's grassroots leaders are increasingly being asked to take an active role in long-term solid waste disposal planning. In KAB's tradition of public education, we provide objective, nonpartisan information to the public on all solid waste disposal alternatives.

For more information, please visit:

Funding Opportunities

KAB offers funding opportunities for various groups and projects to improve the aesthetics and cleanliness of the community. Please Call (505) 761-8334 for further information on KAB's funding opportunities.

Environmental Education

Schools, neighborhood associations and community groups may call to schedule:

  • Presentations
  • Information booths

Topics Include Integrated waste management; Reduce, Reuse, Recycle; Beautification; Litter and Graffiti Prevention.

Financial Support

The City of Albuquerque maintains a strong affiliation with Keep America Beautiful and provides financial support for the Overall management of the Keep Albuquerque Beautiful program.

The State of New Mexico under the New Mexico Litter Control and Beautification Act makes grant funds available to New Mexico counties, cities and towns for the purpose of litter control and beautification.

Each New Mexico vehicle registration fee includes 50 cents annually for the support of the NM Litter Control and Beautification grant. KAB has received a grant for operating its programs and activities for the past eighteen years.

Advisory Board

Keep Albuquerque Beautiful is comprised of an Executive Advisory Board and five subcommittees. Members of the board and these committees are active members of the Albuquerque community and serve as citizen representatives.

  • Bobby Sisneros, Coordinator
  • Mila Romero, Assistant Coordinator
  • Michael Howell, President & Beautification/Executive Committees
  • Ed Schell, Vice-President & Litter/Recycling/Executive Committees
  • Rob Taylor, Treasurer & Litter/Recycling/Executive Committees
  • Jennifer Zamora, Secretary & Education/Fundraising/Executive Committees
  • Carol Lee O'Keefe, Education Committee
  • Deborah Nason, Recycling Committe
  • Kim Selving, Litter/Recycling/Fundraising Committees
  • Paul Hyso, Litter Committee
  • Stacy Snyder, Fundraising/Recycling Committees
  • Jessica Magnant, Beautification Committee
  • Leslie Munoz
  • Jennifer Solis-Ball
  • Cliff Richardson, Beautification Committee
  • Dennis Bonfantine

Annual Events and Volunteer Opportunities

Tours/Presentations offered year-round

• January


• February

Super Can Kids Contest

• March

Neighborhood Streetscape Grant

• April

Great American Clean-up


• May

Summer Beautification Project

• June

Summer Youth Program

Summer Beautification Project

• July

Summer Youth Program

Summer Beautification Project

• August

Summer Beautification Project

• September

Company's Comin' Clean-up

• October

Balloon Fiesta Recycling Project

• November

America Recycles Day

Trashion Fashion

• December

Campus Pride Grant


To find out more about any of these programs or events, call (505) 761-8334

Education Outreach Programs

Keep Albuquerque Beautiful (KAB) is committed to getting the message out that every member of the community, including its children, shares the responsibility for environmentally-sound waste management. KAB provides education outreach to public schools as well as community groups and individuals interested in learning about recycling and responsible waste disposal. Find out how you can help the environment by reusing, reducing, and recycling our trash. Read below for more information, or call Keep Albuquerque Beautiful at (505) 761-8334.

Recycling Education

Classroom and community presentations on the City of Albuquerque's recycling and trash disposal programs are available. Presentations last approximately one hour. Topics include waste prevention, source reduction, yard waste recycling, safe disposal of hazardous waste, and Albuquerque's Environmental Story. To schedule a presentation, call (505) 761-8334.

Litter Prevention

Research proves that litter is the result of individual behavior. Littering or being careless in the handling of waste is a personal choice. Studies show that once litter is on the ground, it attracts more litter. By Contrast, a clean community can discourage littering and improve a community's appearance and its quality of life.

Each of us has a role to play in the prevention of litter. It takes just one person to positively impact the behavior of others in their community.

The Cost of Littering

Each year approximately 51 billion pieces of litter land on U.S. roadways. Although a 61% decrease in visible roadside litter since 1969 has been recorded, litter continues to remain a large problem.

Consider the following facts:

  • Each year the U.S. pays $11.5 billion in litter cleanup cost.
  • The economy and quality of life in a community suffer as a result of litter.
  • The environmental consequences of litter are endless.

Who Litters and Why do they Litter?

The largest contributors to roadside litter are motorists and pedestrians. Research has also discovered that age, not gender, is a significant predictor of how individuals litter. Persons under the age of 30 were found to be more likely to litter than older individuals.

Why do individuals litter?

  • People choose to litter.
  • People are more likely to litter in an environment that they consider littered.
  • When individuals feel no sense of ownership for their surroundings they tend to litter.

What You Can Do to Prevent Litter

Each person must choose to make the conscience decision to not litter. Changing a behavior starts with you. Making the choice to take responsibility for your actions will help to reduce litter and influence those around you to change their behavior.

Start with the following:

  • Make a choice not to litter.
  • Join together with family and friends in making a behavioral change.
  • Remind others why they should not litter.
  • Volunteer in your community to help cleanup litter.

For more information about litter prevention visit Keep America Beautiful.


Community organizations, businesses and private citizens may adopt a median. Adoption requires maintenance and beautification work such as picking up litter, weeding or special projects as agreed upon by the Clean City division and you.

The program is flexible enough to allow organizations, businesses or individuals to choose a comfortable level of volunteer support.

Keep Albuquerque Beautiful recognizes each adoption by placing a sign on the site indicating the name of the volunteer partner. Keep Albuquerque Beautiful asks that you adopt the area for at least two years, so that the commitment and recognition will be meaningful.

We offer plenty of rewarding volunteer opportunities for individuals, small groups and large groups. We have all the tools; we just need your time and energy.

Call Keep Albuquerque Beautiful at (505)761-8334 to get started today.