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Adopt-A-Median Program

The Adopt-A-Median Program enables residents to take ownership in their community and contribute to the city's efforts in keeping Albuquerque beautiful

Two Adopt-A-Median volunteers posing with their new sign

The Adopt-A-Median program is an important supplement to the work of city crews. Solid Waste workers maintain over 600 acres of medians on main thoroughfares throughout the city but they need help! Adopt-A-Median volunteers provide much-needed assistance to SWMD’s rigorous median maintenance plan. Volunteers work to keep a vigilant eye on their adopted median and do what they can to keep it pristine. They submit reports to the Solid Waste Department monthly about the status of their median and how the city can help keep it looking good. To participate, volunteer groups or businesses must be willing to commit two years to the program. Residents, businesses, and other civic groups can adopt any median that the city currently maintains. Volunteers are recognized by signage at the median they adopt.

A blank version of the Keep Albuquerque Beautiful & Solid Waste Management Department's Adopt-A-Sign placard.

Join us in the effort to keep our community clean and beautiful by adopting a median today! Contact the Solid Waste Department at 505-761-8334 or by visiting the Keep Albuquerque Beautiful website.