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Standard Operating Procedures

Information about the Albuquerque Police Department's Standard Operating Procedures Manual.

Standard Operating Procedures

View the Standard Operating Procedures Manual by visiting the following links.

Updated Aug. 24, 2017

The Albuquerque Police Department's Standard Operating Procedures Manual (SOP) is available online. The manual contains three specific areas: General Orders, Procedural Orders and Administrative Orders.

Manuals Defined

The General Orders Manual contains directives that establish policies related to the core values and functions of the police department. General orders include the Personnel Code of Conduct, Discipline System, Social Media Policy and Officer's Duties.

The Procedural Orders Manual establishes the procedures used by sworn personnel to accomplish their duties. These duties include such things as vehicle pursuit, arrests, investigative activities and searches.

The Administrative Orders Manual provides police department personnel with guidance in administrative matters; such as temporary assignments, educational leave, purchasing and training.

Viewing the Standard Operating Procedures Manual

The Standard Operating Procedures Manual is in Word format. It requires Word or OpenOffice to view.

If you see a dialog box asking for a serial number when trying to access sections of the Standard Operating Procedures, click the "Read Only" button and the document should open.

We want your feedback. Should you want to recommend policy changes, your recommendations must be submitted in writing using our policy recommendation form.

Download the policy recommendation form.

Please submit your written policy recommendations to [email protected]

Need Assistance? Let Us Know

In order to make sure your accessibility needs are being met, such as sign language interpretation or help completing this form, please contact the Office of Policy Analysis at (505) 768-4846.

Internal Development Process

Revised Dec. 6, 2017.

Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5 Final Stage
OPA Tech Writer SOPRC 1 15-Day Commentary SOPRC 2 PPRB


  • OPA: Office of Policy Analysis
  • SOPRC: Standard Operating Review Committee
  • PPRB: Policy Procedure Review Board

Six-Month Review

SOP# Title Policy Process Start Date Current Stage in the Development Process
2-56 Force Review Board 12-6-16 PPRB
3-41 Complaints on Department Policy 1-17-17 PPRB
3-44 Review of Completed Admin Investigation 6-13-17 SOPRC 1
3-46 Discipline System 1-17-17 PPRB
3-52 Policy Development Process 3-13-17 OPA
4-34 Response to First Amendment Assemblies & Demonstrations 8-16-16 15-Day Commentary
6-1 Training Division 7-26-17 15-Day Commentary
7-1 Internal Affairs 7-12-17 15-Day Commentary
7-2 Critical Investigative Review Team 7-12-17 15-Day Commentary
7-3 Force Investigative Team 7-12-17 PPRB

Passed Six-Month Review Process

SOP# Title Policy Process Start Date Current Stage Post PPRB
1-10 Peer Support 4-19-17 Sent to Independent Monitors 11-13-17
2-3 Firearms and Ammunition 12-6-16 Sent to Independent Monitors 12-1-17

Published Policies: Annual Review

SOP# Title Policy Start Date DMS Published Date Annual Review Due
2-1 Uniforms 8-31-16 Published 3-12-17 3/12/2018
2-8 Use of On Body Recording Device 9-13-16 Published 6-2-17 6/2/2018
3-14 Supervisory Leadership 5-23-17 Published 6-2-17 6/2/2018
2-52 Use of Force 6-21-16 Published 6-2-17 6/2/2018
2-53 Electronic Control Weapons 6-21-16 Published 6-2-17 6/2/2018
2-54 Use of Force Reporting and Supervisory Force Invest. 6-21-16 Published 6-2-17 6/2/2018
2-55 Use of Force Appendix 6-21-16 Published 6-2-17 6/2/2018
1-11 Behavioral Science Section 11-2-16 Published 8-31-17 8/31/2018
6-2 Recruiting Unit 12-20-16 Published 8-31-17 8/31/2018
3-51 Department Orders 1-17-17 Published 9-5-17 9/5/2018
3-11 Command Staff Responsibilities 7-26-17 Published 9-6-17 9/6/18
3-33 Early Intervention and Recognition System 8-26-16 Published 10-11-17 10/11/18
2-29 Emergency Response Team 1-31-17 Published 10-6-17 10/6/18
3-32 Employee Work Plan 12-20-16 Published 10-16-17 10/16/18
2-20 Hostage, Suicidal, Barricaded Subjects 12-20-16 Published 10-16-17 10/16/18
5-3 Criminal Investigations Division 2-28-17 Published 10-17-17 10/17/18
5-1 Special Investigations Division 1-31-17 Published 10-17-17 10/17/18
3-13 Officer's Duty and Conduct 5-23-17 Published 10-16-17 10/16/18
1-1 Personnel Code of Conduct 1-1-17 Published 1-14-17 11/14/18
2-19 Response to Behavioral Health Issues 6-1-17 Published 11-13-17 11/13/18

Published Policies: Six Month Review

SOP# Title Policy Start Date Passed First review Six Month Review Due
6-9 K-9 12/5/2013 8/4/2017 2/4/2018