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Office of Equity & Inclusion: General Information

General information about the Office of Equity and Inclusion.

The Albuquerque Human Rights Ordinance was enacted in January 1974 and is administered by the City of Albuquerque Human Rights Board through the Office of Equity and Inclusion. The Ordinance prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin or ancestry, age (only in employment), or physical disability in employment, housing or public accommodations.

In addition to the above, the Office of Equity and Inclusion also addresses issues in accordance with federal, state and local laws and regulations which prohibit discrimination on the basis of disability, spousal affiliation, gender identity or sexual orientation in the administration of programs or activities.

The Ordinance provides for resolution of discrimination complaints and a broad range of human rights related activities.

There are seven members on the Board, appointed by the Mayor and the City Council for a four-year term. The members must be residents of Albuquerque. The Mayor's recommendations are approved by the City Council.


It is the mission of the Human Rights Board and the Office of Equity and Inclusion to promote trust, equality, understanding, and respect among the people of Albuquerque and between the people and government agencies; and to endeavor that all people may enjoy their rights and pursue their opportunities on an equal basis.

Community Outreach

Our staff works closely with public and private agencies, civil rights agencies and community organizations representing or providing services to minorities, women, individuals with disabilities, youth and seniors to promote equality and awareness on human/civil rights issues, and to reduce inter-group tension and hostility.

The Office heightens community awareness and promotes sensitivity to the diversity of the residents of Albuquerque by promoting and sponsoring and/or cosponsoring events and activities that support the cause of human rights.

Office Staff

Michelle Melendez
Director of Equity and Inclusion
[email protected]

Brittany Ortiz
Deputy Director of Equity and Inclusion
[email protected]

Mariela Ruiz-Angel
Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs Coordinator
[email protected]

Tyson Hummell
Interim Human Rights Officer and ADA Coordinator
[email protected]

Shannon Triplett
Administrative Assistant
[email protected]