Barricade Fees

Fees associated with barricaded areas and excavation.

Arterial/Collector Roadways

Barricade Only - $0.01 per/sq ft/day of barricaded area (minimum charge is $21.00 per/day)

Additional Barricade Fees Fee
Residential Sidewalk Closures $21.00 per/month
Arterial/Collector Sidewalk Closures $21.00 per/day
Residential Street Closure $21.00 per/day
Alley Closure $21.00 per/week
Dumpster Permit $21.00 per/month
Arrowboard Lane Closure $21.00 per/day
Special Events Barricading $21.00 per/day/event
Vacant or Unpaved Streets $21.00 per/week
Arterial Collector Shoulder/Bike Lane Closure $21.00 per/day
Bike Path Closure $21.00 per/day

Excavation Fees

Note: Excavation permit includes one free day of single lane barricading at no additional cost (not to exceed $21.00). All subsequent days and additional lanes are subject to an additional $0.01 per/sq ft of barricaded area per day with a $21.00 per/day minimum charge.

Excavation Permit (not to exceed 660') - $42.00

In addition, the following fees may apply:

Additional Excavation Fees Fee
Curb Cuts $12.00 each
Drive Pads $6.00 each
Curb & Gutter $25.00 for the first 100' ($0.25/foot there after)
Valley Gutter $25.00 for the first 100' ($0.25/foot there after)
Sidewalk $25.00 for the first 100' ($0.25/foot there after)
SO 19 (Sidewalk Culvert) $25.00
Wheelchair Ramp $6.00
Barricade only permit fee $21.00
Road Restoration Fees $3.15 per s.y. (see below)

Restoration fees are required on any street which has been newly constructed or has received major reconstruction or maintenance within the past five years. Computed as follows: Length of excavation in feet parallel to the centerline of the street, along the street plus 30 feet multiplied by the paved width of the street in feet, divided by 9 and multiplied by $3.15.