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Processes payroll payments for approximately 7000 employees.

Payroll Department

  • We also maintain records, make payments, and maintain reports (such as W2s and W4s) for state and federal governments, PERA, garnishments, child support, and employee benefits.
  • Record and track payments due to the City, including everything from Joint Powers Agreements to Special Assessment District billings.


Can we send in payroll documents by fax machine?

Certain types of documents can be faxed. You must check with Central Payroll at (505) 768-3441.


  1. Originals are required for a "Manual Check Request"
  2. Missing paperwork for a garnishment release may be okay to fax.

When will my payroll direct deposit hit the bank?

Payday is Friday. Sometimes monies are processed by the financial institutions earlier than Friday. Normally, direct deposits for payday are processed on Thursday before payday. Check with Central Payroll for any exceptions at (505) 768-3441.

I did not get paid this pay period or did not get paid correctly. My department has sent in the paperwork for a manual check. When can I pick up the check?

If the paperwork has been submitted and was complete and correct, you may pick up your check after 4:30 p.m. on the day submitted. Contact Central Payroll to verify at (505) 768-3441.

My 1099 is wrong. Where do I get a correct 1099?

Contact Accounts Payable at (505) 768-3471.

Where can I get a copy of a previous year's W2?

For a personal W2 duplicate/reprint, contact Central Payroll at (505) 768-3441. Leave your name, SSN, and a number where you can be reached. Payroll will call that number when your W2 is ready. Allow 3 to 4 business days. Staff will ask to see picture ID when you come to pick up your W2 duplicate/reprint, room 8010 of City Hall. Payment of $20 per duplicate/reprint must be made either in cash or cashier's check. Personal checks are not accepted.

Where do I get a copy of a previous year's 1099?

Contact Accounts Payable at (505) 768-3471 to request a duplicate 1099.

Who takes care of employment verifications (salary verifications) for mortgages?

Central Payroll completes mortgage-related employment verifications. Human Resources is responsible for other types of employment verifications. For more information regarding Mortgage-related verifications, contact Central Payroll at (505) 768-3441. For information regarding other types of employment verifications, contact Human Resources at (505) 768-3700.

Payroll Contacts

  • Main - (505) 768-3441
  • Fax - (505) 768-3493