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Four full-time staff members manage and coordinate Albuquerque's Public Art Program.
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Sherri Brueggemann

Sherri Brueggemann holds a Bachelors of University Studies from University of New Mexico with an emphasis in arts management. She is currently a master's candidate at UNM's School of Public Administration. Sherri was a founding member of the Americans for the Arts Public Art Network and served on the PAN Council from 2000-2002. She is also a former printmaker, special events coordinator, winery owner and is currently a Professor of Practice at the University of New Mexico's College of Fine Arts, IFDM teaching Arts Business & Law. She has served as a board member for numerous arts, cultural and civic non-profit organizations in the Southwest, including the New Mexico Route 66 Association and the Albuquerque Arts Alliance. Over the past 5 years she served on the Albuquerque/Bernalillo County Arts & Cultural Industries Economic Impact Study, the MainStreet Downtown Arts & Cultural District, and Cultural Directors' Tourism Steering Committees. Her favorite public artwork is the mosaic work on the exterior wall of the Convention Center. She loves the extensive community involvement in the project and the exquisite craftsmanship.

Public Art Uban Enhancement Program Manager [email protected]

Dan Fuller

Dan studied Fine Arts at the University of New Mexico and has held positions in the Arts and as a private contractor to Arts Institutions for over 30 years. As Collections manager for the Public Art Program, Dan is involved, on a daily basis, with the physical condition of all works in the collection and many pieces owned by the City which are not formally listed in the collection. "These objects are a part of our history and the legacy established for the people of our city. I am privileged to be a part of one of the strongest Public Art programs in the country. Today my favorite public artwork is "The Fallen Friend" by Jesus Moroles. But it changes daily."

Public Art Collection Coordinator [email protected]

Matthew Carter

Matt studied Fine Arts and holds a B.A degree with concentrations in studio glass and ceramics from Anderson University in Indiana. Matt joined the Public Art Urban Enhancement program in 2008, bringing with him 20 years experience in the studio glass/glass manufacturing industry and has held several positions in the museum field. He oversees the Urban Enhancement Trust Fund (UETF), manages public art projects as well as coordinates the Veterans Memorial Review Committee (VMRC).

Public Art and UETF Project Coordinator [email protected]

Francesca Searer

Associate Public Art Project Coordinator [email protected]


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