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Performance Reports

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Information about performance reports for 311.

Monthly Calls Handled

Call Arrival: total number of calls made to the Citizen Contact Center on a monthly basis.

Monthly Calls Handled

Monthly Service Level

Service Level: a measurement of the percentage of calls that are answered within a specific time frame.

Monthly Call Quality

Call Quality: consistency in the delivery of service to each and every citizen

Call quality is measured against a call quality guide developed by all levels of the organization that is reviewed quarterly and revised based on current trends.

Top 10 Reasons

Top 10 Reasons for calls to 311 Citizens Call Center

  1. Transit - 56661
  2. Solid Waste - 10874
  3. Animal Welfare - 8046
  4. Municipal Development - 2604
  5. Police Department - 2201
  6. Cultural Services - 1914
  7. DFAS - 1216
  8. Planning Department - 1181
  9. Senior Affairs - 547
  10. Family and Community Services Department - 502

There were 11,802 non-City calls and 7,027 dead air, hangup, static, or wrong-number calls to 311.

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