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Letter From Mayor Tim Keller

We are truly grateful for our veterans and military members' service and sacrifice. But we owe those who have committed to protect our country more than gratitude. At the City, we’re coming together as One Albuquerque to ensure our veterans get the benefits they have earned and our military service members and their families have the support they need. In my office we have a constituent services representative dedicated to veterans services.

Mayor Keller conversing with a veteran

We know that veterans experience homelessness, behavioral health crisis, and addiction at a higher rates than other populations in our city, so we have a new leadership structure in the Department of Family and Community Services focused on providing resources for those experiencing homelessness and addressing the root causes of homelessness as a whole.

From this page you will be able to connect with resources, contact my office, and stay up-to-date on the issues that matter to our veterans and military service members and their families.

In service,
Mayor Tim Keller

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The Office of Veterans' Affairs is a resource center only and we cannot process disability claims or service federal or state case work. For assistance processing such claims, please contact:

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