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Veterans Documents

Information about documentation for veterans living in Albuquerque.

Veteran Documentation

  1. Veterans must have their DD214, the form that proves discharge and separation from the military. If you do not have a Form DD214, or other discharge records, you can request military records online at
  2. If there are corrections that need to be made to a Form DD214, you can visit this link for further instructions:
  3. Other forms, besides the Form DD214, that may be needed for enrollment and eligibility for various VA benefits are:
    1. Veteran's birth certificate
    2. Marriage certificate
    3. Children's birth certificates
    4. Veteran's death certificate
  4. Military Transcripts: The Request Official Joint Services Transcript webpage includes information for obtaining military transcripts for all branches of service.
  5. Full contact information for the National Personnel Records Center can be found by clicking here.