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2022 Residency Projects

Information about 2022 - 2023 UETF Artist Resiliency Residency projects.

Conservation Carnivale

Endion Schichtel - Keshet Center for the Arts

Image of two performers with a large hoop teaching about Albuquerque's water resources.


Conservation Carnivale is a mobile natural history museum and art installation of the Rio Grande River ecosystem. It includes an interactive classroom and costumed performers to teach about Albuquerque’s water resources, the ecosystem oblong the Rio Grande, and at-home water conservation practices. Described as a science circus, these free and public performances are returning this Spring!

Follow Conservation Carnivale on Instagram and keep up with their full schedule.

Drama as Healing Art: An Afternoon of Resilience Theatre

Karen Jones Meadows - AfroMundo

Karen Jones Meadows Theatre Event June 25th.png


The dramas in our lives are not meant to stop us, quite the opposite. They occur to propel us into being our most powerful selves. The processes may be daunting, but if we align with our inner resiliency and stay focused on our outer objectives, dramas become exhilarations.

This afternoon of Resilience Theatre will include two parts and an opportunity for audience participation. During Part One, a cast of gifted actors will deliver a dramatic reading of short scenes. Each scene features themes of resiliency in the lives of diverse characters, whose needs and transformations may reflect yours. During Part Two, in a fun and embracing atmosphere with the freedom only theatre can provide, give voice and resolution to your own dramas through creating a monologue, poem, song, or movement. You can share your creations or keep them tucked deeply within yourself.

Karen Jones Meadows' Website:

Semillas Sensíbles

Gerome Olona - Keshet Center for the Arts

Image of bright green leaves with a green text box in the center and white text that reads "Semillas Sensíbles A Garden Theatre Play by Gerome Olona."


Semillas Sensíbles is an interactive play about growth, connections, and a love of gardening - take a plant home with you!

Born out of a long pandemic and a large backyard, Semillas Sensíbles is, at its heart, about the struggles of growth and the need for connection in our lives. Based around a fictional city-run workshop that happened in Albuquerque years ago, Semillas Sensíbles takes you through the steps of planting in a small grow bag - a little portable garden as suitable for apartment living as a large yard - and gives you a short glimpse into the complex lives of the people trying to re-start the workshop.

Lightly interactive, this show is all-ages! Bring your family! Participants receive a grow bag and plant to take home with them at the end of the show. Performing around Albuquerque in community centers, libraries, and local farms.

The Fronteras Micro-Film Festival

Alonso Indacochea - AfroMundo

Blurry image of three chairs in front of multiple monitors stacked ontop of one another.


The Fronteras Micro-film Festival is no ordinary short film festival! Filmmakers will have the chance to be a critical part of an interactive art installation taking place in 3 different times and venues in 2023.

The first goal of the Fronteras Micro-Film Festival is to re-imagine the short film festival. We will give filmmakers and audiences an experience that emerges from, and supports, short film. A strong theme and a decentralized viewing experience will make this possible.

The second goal is to provoke public conversation about national borders. We will solicit thirty-second to three-minute-long films, from local and international filmmakers, that address themes of borders, enforcement, and crossings.

Join Dust Wave for the first showing of Microfilms.

Helen Atkins, Will Geusz, Phillip Torres, Jay Renteria, Jordyn Bernicke, Camille Carlson, Brandon Carter, James Rodriguez, Jacklyn Le, Alonso Indacochea, Ryan Lewis, Laura Morris, Andres Indacochea.

here, in this place

Julianna Massa - Keshet Center for the Arts

Poster for Julianna Massa's performance, "here, in this place."


Join Julianna Massa, breana connor, Magnolia Vahey, and Sage Simpson for an interactive dance experience at the Open Space Visitors Center.

Audience members will follow three different aural and movement tracks using “silent disco” headphones for a unique, immersive performance.

The Virgin Whore

Miranda Marselle - Keshet Center for the Arts

Poster for Miranda Marselle's performance.


A night of virgins, whores, and experimental dancing.

Miranda Marselle, recent UNM Dance graduate and 2022 Residency recipient, along with collaborator Martin Quintana present an evening of dance and art. The piece unpacks intergenerational trauma at the intersection of religion, queerness, and healing.

An Art Experience

Naomi Elizabeth Montoya - Keshet Center for the Arts

Poster for Naomi Elizabeth Montoya and Su Hudson's multimedia collage installation.


An Art Experience: A multimedia collage installation created and curated by Naomi Elizabeth Montoya & Su Hudson. 

Enchanted with the diverse New Mexico landscapes and the unconventional angles that can only be captured by camera in dance for film, many of Naomi Montoya's and Su Hudson’s collaborations of the last two decades have explored and challenged society’s expectations of nature, architectural design, and living space. Together, we create art that exists as experimental dance films for screen, installations for gallery, and multi-media performance pieces for stage. We enjoy the all-immersive aspect of site-specific work and, when showcased, the experiential aspect of the audience often being part of the work. Our collaborations also explore female existence - from our lens as well as the viewer’s. Through the whimsy of our work, we find ourselves freed from the drudgery of the everyday experience.

An Art Experience is supported by City of Albuquerque Urban Enhancement Trust Fund through their Resiliency Residency program, with support by Keshet Center for the Arts.

Archive of Memory

Juliana Coles - National Institute of FlamencoImage of Juliana Coles' exhibit at Harwood Art Center with sketchbooks, artist books, and visual journals on the walls and hanging from the ceiling.


The antiquated Library is a collection of Sketchbooks, Artist Books and Visual Journals, created over a lifetime, that provides tangible documentation of an artistic process that is always under threat of erasure due to epilepsy. Living with ongoing brain trauma means linear time is interrupted by the demise of both long and short-term memory. These books, part of an existential retrieval practice that uncovers clues to my whereabouts in the form of a fragmented paper trail, are containers that reveal stories which should never be forgotten. This Hall of Records is more than a retrospective, it is an Archive of Memory.

Sopita De Entropía

Tatiana Isabel Gil - FUSION

Flyer with a central image of three people around a table with food on it. In the top right and bottom left corner are two drawings of a bowl of food. Text at the top reads "Sopita de Entropia by Tatiana Isabel Gil."


This mixed media theatrical experience is an invitation to the Latine community to decolonize the self as a Latine individual first internally, but then also in relationship to friends, family, and the broader Latine community.

“A dinner party unravels in and out of reality as a group of Latine folks from the Southwest United States come together to celebrate Gabriella’s birthday one autumn night in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This group of artists, activists, business owners, and social workers stumble into a heated, and stubbornly nuanced discussion around their feelings/orientation to colonization, assimilation, and indigeneity. The magic of their ancestors compels each person to unravel in poetics about their experience, inviting audiences and fellow dinner guests to sit with the complexities of all these realities existing together all at once.”

Accompanied by the Sopita De Entropía workbook where you can create your own Sopita, the play encourages you to start your own decolonization journey.


Jason Asenap - Puha Hubiya

Black and white poster with central, sketch-like drawing. A figure is depicted on the right side of the drawing, looking to the left. The title, "Marlon," is to the left of the figure in bold text. Below the drawing is text that reads "A film by Jason Asenep 11:30 am Music, 12:00 pm Movie Schowcase, The Guild, Saturday, March 18."


Jason Asenap is a Comanche and Muscogee Creek writer, critic, and filmmaker. For his Resiliency Residency project he produced a short film, Marlon.

The film premiered Saturday, March 18th at the Guild Cinema in Albuquerque. Film composer Kateri Lopez will perform starting at 11:30 am, with a screening following at noon.

Walking on Eggshells - WoE

Kristine Maltrud and Keely Mackey-Gonzales - FUSION

Poster for Kristine Maltrud's and Keely Mackey-Gonzales' performance piece "WoE - Walking on Eggshells".


WoE: Walking on Eggshells explores the idiom through layers of meaning and expression, including etymology, personal narrative, historical events, and current global predicaments. The performance content is both timely and rooted in time.

This performance piece is a work-in-progress followed by a talkback with the audience. Wine, sparkling water, and nibblies will be served to attendees who stay for the talkback portion of this event.


Elyse Fahey - FUSION

Image for Elyse Fahey's new work, NOVA.


Elyse Fahey is a dancer and choreographer from Albuquerque. She dances professionally across the city, has been invited to neighboring cities to perform, and owns Studio Sway which has become a hub for independent dance in Albuquerque. She used her grant to pay seven dance artists to be in a new work, premiering at the 2023 Keshet Choreographer’s Showcase.

Elyse’s Website:

Just Want to be Wanted: Exhibition at Sidetrack Brewing

Alex Knight - Keshet Center for the Arts

Poster for Alex Knight's exhibition "Just Want to be Wanted."


Alex Knight is an actor and watercolor artist. He used his funds to produce an exhibition of his watercolors at Sidetrack Brewing in early 2023.

Alex’s Instagram: @scalknight

Celebrating El Bosque

Brian Stinson - Keshet Center for the Arts

Image of a painting of trees by Brian Stinson.


Brian Stinson is a plein air painter currently residing in Albuquerque, NM. For the last three years he has explored the beauty of the Middle Rio Grande in a series of drawings and paintings done in situ. The artist hopes that these works will serve as a basis of reflection and discussion regarding a place experiencing critical change while still exhibiting immense natural beauty for the curious viewer.

Brian’s Exhibit at the Open Space Visitor Center opens October 8th and will be on view until December 17th.

El Kookooeee se Quema

Fidel Gonzalez - AfroMundo/The Dellsly Group

Image from Fidel Gonzalez's El Kookooeee se Quema (the Burning of the Kookooee) event.


El Kookooeee se Quema (the Burning of the Kookooee) is an event where community members write their fears on pieces of paper that are then dropped and burned inside the Kookooee - a symbol of the community's collective freedom from fears.

Fidel Gonzalez opened the event as an Aztec dancer as well as performed experimental, improvised music along with a group of musicians I convened for this event called Los Hijos del Kookooee.

When the Veil Thins

Elizabeth Garland and Keely Mackey - FUSION

Poster from Elizabeth Garland's and Keely Mackey's performance, When the Veil Thins.


When the Veil Thins celebrates Dia de Los Muertos and Celtic Samhain with a one-night only performance! Holding our ancestors close and celebrating them, in an evening of original compositions, choreography, sword dancing and more! Put on by Delphi Project, featuring internationally award-winning composers Elizabeth Garland and Keely Mackey-Gonzales aka Celloquacious.

This unique show is unlike anything else in Albuquerque! Featuring music from "Futuristic Antiquity," Delphi Project is Neo-classical, ranging from dynamic to dreamlike, always different, and truly moving. Accompanied by professional musicians and performance artists, When the Veil Thins, will provide a haunting, reflective, and celebratory romp for all ages, to mark the magic of this time of year.


Helen Juliet Atkins - Puha Hubiya

Flyer from Helen Juliet Atkins' painting event for her mural "Visible."


Helen Juliet Atkins, in partnership with Secret Gallery, is hosting a live painting event of her mural “Visible” at Boese Brothers Brewing in Downtown Albuquerque. Her mural celebrates three local working-class individuals and takes inspiration from their lives and stories. Helen Juliet Atkins is an accomplished artist who has completed multiple commissions across Albuquerque and works at the Harwood Art Center.

The mural launch will take place Friday, October 21st with a Halloween Art Market and music by Sazoram and DJ Mo.

Corporeal Body: A Body of Work

Juliana Coles - National Institute of Flamenco

Three mixed media works on paper by artist Juliana Coles.


Remarque Print Workshop presents new works on paper by Albuquerque artist Juliana Coles. Highly detailed, visceral, and raw mixed media works on paper combine figure drawings and hand lettered narrative with collected vintage maps. These cartographic figurative drawings, maps of the interior, serve as tangible evidence of the journey. Lonely figures, compass roses, cartouches, and rhumb lines are tools to navigate the grief of unnecessary losses; you are not here.

Aliens on the Border

Antonio Armani Leon - AfroMundo/The Dellsly Group

Flyer for Antonio Armani Leon's exhibition, Aliens on the Border.


Born out of a forfeiture of land more than a century and a half ago, Chicano/a and Mexican-American identity has long been put into question over its place in the fabricated American racial order, resulting in deeply embedded and embodied feelings of alienation, assimilation, invasion, otherness, and imaginary borders; all common and undeniable themes in science fiction. I propose that nearly all Chicano/a stories can be read through a sci-fi lens. When confronted by the underlying pull of U.S. assimilation, people of color lean on the resilience of their cultural identities to simultaneously pursue independent style while still honoring the aesthetics of their communities. Chicanafuturist author, Gloria Anzaldua, references Chicanx people often feeling “alienated from their mother culture, and alienated from their dominant culture.” This exhibit explores these notions of Chicano/a’s as the alien/other, both adapting to and resisting the(ir) new world. I abstractly invoke various Mexican/Chicano/a subcultures and examine the cracks between worlds, race, gender, the linearity of time, and the societal/cultural boundaries of the human body. Through the use of sculpture and painting inspired by family portraits, a fictional alien race is manifested and observed. This exhibition is Raza-SciFi, reinterpreting the concept of the “alien,” and pushing for a sci-fi deconstruction of colonial imagery.   


Adrian Pijoan - FUSION

Flyer for Adrian Pijoan's exhibit, "Eyeshine."


"Eyeshine" explores an encounter with the paranormal through an installation of video, animation, and sculpture. Adrian uses his long-running paranormal researcher alter-ego, Dr. Howard, to explore his anxieties that arise from the tension between the horrific real, and the sublime unreal. "Eyeshine" is a loving and sometimes bittersweet homage to these stories and the sustenance they provide during difficult times--a vision into both outer space and inner worlds.

Check out the Albuquerque Courier Review!


Gabriel Carrion-Gonzales - National Institute of Flamenco

Image of Gabriel Carrion-Gonzales' installation, Floatie.


Floatie was a collaboration between Gabriel Carrion-Gonzales and Mikey S. as well as 6 other community members who put work into design, costume creation and choreography. The installation was designed to bring summer fun into any space, and it certainly brought that to many places! Floatie premiered at SOMOS 2022, and had several pop-ups around the city, including three Queer/Pride celebrations, including Gabriel’s own class; XenXual. XenXual is a celebration of queer arts and is a class in finding self-confidence and sensuality.

Celloquacious: I Speak Through My Cello

Keely Mackey-Gonzales - FUSION

Image for Keely Mackey-Gonzales' album.


Mackey wrote this album as a love letter to Nature in music form, as gratitude for the healing she experiences when she is immersed in nature’s elements. Since Mackey composes and plays from her heart, this can be felt by her listeners. People have described Keely’s nature-inspired music as “healing: simultaneously relaxing and invigorating,” “beautifully haunting lush cello-y vibes,” and “luring sounds from antiquity.” She will engage you, surprise you, and hold space for you with this performance.

Check out the Albuquerque Courier article!

Lithosphere Heart

Tatiana Isabel Gil - FUSION

Flyer for Tatiana Isabel Gil's choreopoem, "Lithosphere Heart."


A young woman, reckless in her pursuit of her deepest desires, learns how to love herself while reconciling the intersections of her identity as Queer, Catholic and Latina. Through a kaleidoscopic landscape of music, prayer, memory, art, and imagination punctuated by four love affairs, Lithosphere Heart chronicles the soaring heights and scarring lows of teenage Alejandra's journey towards self-discovery and healing. This mixed-media theater dance choreo-poem workshop performance explores selected movement pieces from Tatiana Isabel's full length play, Lithosphere Heart.


Meet the Cast

Meet the Creative Facilitators

Midnite Theatre

Rhiannon Frazier - FUSION

Poster for Rhiannon Frazier's fringe theatre production.


This fringe theatre production featured a host, a local talent and included everything from murderous puppets, exciting short plays, a visual art installation and a musical comedy act featuring Hakim Bellamy.

bodies (part one)

Sarah Groth - Keshet Center for the Arts

Image from Sarah Groth's Bodies (part one) performance.


Bodies (part one) was presented during the Albuquerque Contemporary Dance Festival’s film night at FUSION Forum.

Edmund and the Astronaut

Sarah Loeppke and Ross Kelly - FUSION

Image of Sarah Loeppke and Ross Kelly's robot named Edmund from their play, "Edmund and the Astronaut."


When an astronaut is stranded on a distant planet, they discover they are not alone! Stranded with them is a small lonely robot named Edmund.

Edmund and the Astronaut is a creative new play by residency artist team JoyrKade. Using the UETF Residency grant, they were able to get buy-in from a robotics team in California to build out a fully functional robot who will be the star of this play. 

Behind the Scenes Video


Jamie Rose - National Institute of Flamenco

Poster for Jamie Rose's exhibition, "Chimera."


Chimera is a collection of charcoal drawings with inspiration from the Japanese art of Kitsugi-the practice of fixing cracks with gold. Presented at Silver Bar Studios, Chimera is a celebration of women in all forms.


Tiffanie Irizarry and Joseph Arnoux - Puha Hubiya

Poster from Tiffanie Irizarry and Joseph Arnoux's exhibition.


Exhibition hosted by Orpheum Community Hub, the show examines portraits ranging from historical and contemporary, in both Indigenous and pop cultures.

New Mexico Photojournal

Sophia Fricke - National Institute of Flamenco

Image of Sophia Fricke wearing a purple jacket.


View the New Mexico Photojournal


Sophia Fricke walked the Pacific Crest Trail, or PCT, in 2021 after earning a PhD in physical chemistry from the University of California, Davis. Sophia had hiked the John Muir Trail and Tahoe-Yosemite Trail in 2020, giving her restless feet an itch for a longer journey. She is deeply passionate about the complex relationship between people, culture, and land that is an integral pulse behind all life on earth. In her photographic work, she returns to the theme of skies over mountains to reflect the freedom and spiritual sense of peace and perspective that the mountains give to her. She enjoys the creative challenge of conveying not only the shapes, colors, and geometry of these places, but also their mood and the role they play as a rock that anchors her throughout the many phases of life. In the spring of 2022, Sophia was awarded a UETF Resiliency Residency with the National Institute of Flamenco as her partner organization. After completing the PCT in 2021, she spent time exploring the New Mexican wilderness. Particularly, Sophia has been fascinated by the cultural geography in this region of the North American southwest. She is creating a five-part virtual exhibit to document these explorations, and will post updates on her blog.