Arts & Culture Project Recovery Fund Awardees

City of Albuquerque Urban Enhancement Trust Fund

Special 2020 Funding Cycle - $300,000


Qualified UETF Recovery Projects include: pay local artists, local presenters or existing organizational staff as part of the project recovery scope; offer financially accessible programming to the community (i.e. free, sliding scale or pay-what-you-will, or other partially free options); offer programming appropriate for all ages, or programming with a focus on children and youth audiences.


Organizations Recommended:

516 Arts, up to     $5,700.00
ABQ Artwalk, up to   $1,000.00
Albuquerque Film & Music Experience Foundation, up to   $2,900.00
 Albuquerque Folk Festival, up to  $3,600.00
Albuquerque Little Theater, up to       $5,200.00
Albuquerque Youth Symphony Program, up to      $5,500.00
AMP Concerts, up to         $6,000.00
ArtsHub, up to     $5,100.00
Aux Dog Theatre Nob Hill, up to $5,100.00
Baila! Baila!, Inc., up to          $2,900.00
Blackout Theatre Company, up to  $3,200.00
Burque Blues/Southwest Research and Information Center, up to $1,300.00
Cardboard Playhouse Theater Company, up to   $4,900.00
Casa Barelas, up to      $5,400.00
Casa Flamenca, up to   $5,900.00
Center for International Studies- ABQ International Assoc., up to $2,600.00
Desert Rose Playhouse, up to   $5,000.00
Duke City Repertory Theater, up to     $5,900.00
Ensemble Music New Mexico, up to                                                     $6,200.00
Festival Ballet Albuquerque, up to    $5,100.00
Flamenco Works, Inc., up to       $5,600.00
Friends of the Orphan Signs, up to      $4,100.00
FUSION, up to   $6,300.00
Gathering of Nations Limited, up to        $4,700.00
Harwood Art Center of Escuela del sol Montessori, Inc., up to $6,200.00
Indian Pueblo Cultural Center, up to      $6,400.00
John Aaron Lewis Legacy Project/Outpost Productions Inc., up to $5,400.00
Katharsis Media Inc., up to $5,000.00
Keshet Dance Company, up to     $6,800.00
La Plazita Institute, up to    $6,300.00
Landmark Musicals, up to     $1,800.00
Modern Albuquerque, up to     $1,100.00
Mother Road Productions, up to   $5,900.00
Musical Theater Southwest, up to          $1,000.00
National Atomic Museum Foundation, up to       $4,100.00
NDI New Mexico, up to   $6,300.00
New Mexico Academy of Rock and Blues, up to    $4,300.00
New Mexico Art League, up to $5,200.00
New Mexico Black History Organizing Committee, up to    $6,300.00
New Mexico Film Foundation, up to      $1,700.00
New Mexico Gay Men's Chorus, up to  $5,800.00
New Mexico High School Musical Theatre Awards, up to   $1,800.00
New Mexico Humanities Council/UNM, up to    $1,900.00
New Mexico Jazz Workshop, up to      $5,900.00
New Mexico Philharmonic, up to    $5,900.00
New Mexico Young Actors, Inc., up to    $5,500.00
NM Peace Choir, up to       $2,900.00
OFFCenter Community Arts Project, up to    $3,500.00
Opera Southwest, up to    $5,600.00
Outpost Productions Inc., up to     $5,400.00
Quintessence Choral Artist of the Southwest, up to  $5,600.00
Sanitary Tortilla Factory/SINC, up to        $2,900.00
School Zone Institute, up to   $5,100.00
SouthWest Writers, up to       $4,900.00
The Adobe Theater, Inc., up to   $3,500.00
The Children's Hour Inc., up to      $5,600.00
The National Institute of Flamenco, up to    $6,900.00
The OT Circus, up to $2,000.00
Three Sisters Kitchen, up to      $5,600.00
Tricklock Company, up to       $6,600.00
Tskies Jewelers Co-Op, up to          $4,000.00
Two Worlds, up to $5,800.00
Vortex Theatre, up to    $5,600.00
West Central Community Development Group, up to $2,500.00

Wordcraft Circle of Native Writers and Storytellers, up to

Working Classroom Inc., up to     $6,000.00

 Urban Enhancement Trust Fund FY21 Arts and                                                                                                     Culture Organizations Recovery Fund Program:                                                                                                                                                                                        Subtotal, up to:     $304,000.00                                                                                                                                    Indirect/Overhead:    $6,870.00                                                                                                                                                     Total:      $310,870.00