Sun Van Eligibility Requirements

The Americans with Disabilities Act identifies three categories of individuals who are eligible for complementary paratransit service.

These persons are considered "ADA paratransit eligible."

Any individual who is unable, as the result of a physical, visual or mental impairment, to independently board, ride or disembark from any vehicle on the fixed-route system that is readily accessible to and unusable by individuals with disabilities.

Any disabled person who could use accessible fixed-route transportation, but accessible transportation is not available at the time and on the route the customer needs.

Any disabled person who has a specific impairment that prevents the person from traveling to or from a bus stop.

Eligibility for Personal Care Attendants & Companions

  • Any individual traveling as a companion with a person who has been certified as ADA paratransit eligible is eligible for that particular trip.
  • Personal care attendants identified as necessary by certification, when accompanying the ADA eligible rider, are eligible for that particular trip.


Visitors to the City of Albuquerque may use the Sun Van Paratransit Service for a period of 21 days by either:

  • Presenting certification as ADA eligible from another transit provider.
  • Proving non-residency and furnishing acceptable documentation of mobility impairment.

Appealing a Determination of Non-Eligibility

  • A notice of denial is sent to the applicant, which includes:
    • The reason for denial.
    • The right to appeal.
    • The process of the appeal.
    • The date by which the appeal must be made.
  • The appeal is heard by individuals other than those who made the initial determination.

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