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ABQ RIDE Connect

Albuquerque's newest on-demand, microtransit service!

ABQ RIDE Connect Infographic. Limited Microtransit Pilot Program Starting March 18, 2024.

ABQ RIDE Connect is designed to complement existing fixed route service by connecting riders to key transfer route locations including transit centers and bus stops within two pre-determined zones in Albuquerque. ABQ RIDE Connect can also be used for transportation to other locations within the zones like grocery stores and local businesses.

Download the free ABQ RIDE Connect app through your Apple or Google Play Store.


        The boundary map of the Southwest Mesa zone for the ABQ RIDE Connect Microtransit service. Boundary map of the Rio Grande service area for ABQ RIDE Connect.

How to Use ABQ RIDE Connect

  • Riders are encouraged to download the free ABQ RIDE Connect app by searching for it in the app store on a mobile device. 
  • Once the app has been downloaded and an account has been created, riders can schedule a ride anywhere within one of the two zones shown above. 
  • Service is available from 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM Monday through Friday.

Why Microtransit?

1. Communities Need Equitable Access

45% of Americans do not have access to public transit. By deploying microtransit in specific areas, we can directly impact lower income individuals and families. 

2. Access to Mobility Enables Economic Growth

Areas with high mobility see less residential segregation, have access to better schools, and see less income inequality. 

3. Fills the First/Last Mile Gap

Microtransit helps connect individuals with fixed route services by covering the first or last mile of their full trip. Microtransit can also be used for shorter trips, such as going to the grocery store. 

4. Cost Effective

By optimizing route and dynamically adjusting service based on demand, microtransit providers can reduce operational costs.