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Animal Welfare Department Launches a New Shelter Data Dashboard

Online tool designed to provide a consistent, data-driven picture of the shelter
March 05, 2024

The City’s Animal Welfare Department (AWD) is announcing a new informational dashboard that will give community members a daily and weekly visual understanding of the shelter’s activities. These include animal admissions, outcomes, euthanasia, foster care, Copper clinic surgeries, microchips and Animal Protective Services officer calls.

AWD’s objective with the dashboard is to raise awareness through data transparency. With the help of the community, the dashboard can be a lifesaving tool that gives shelter animals a better chance of finding a home. AWD aims to continue to move forward with progress, empower animal lovers and help Albuquerque communities to save more pets.

“Transparency is very important to AWD,” said Carolyn Ortega, Director of Animal Welfare Department. “The dashboard will provide Albuquerque communities, individuals, families and policy makers with critical data so that they can take collective responsibility for what happens to pets in our community, better support the AWD shelter, and help save more lives.”

“The term ‘animal shelter’ does not capture the magnitude of services AWD provides or the impact we’ve had in Albuquerque,” said Susan Ellis, Deputy Director of AWD. “Data tells a story, and today that story is we are doing amazing things to help make this city the best place for families.”

To access the new dashboard, click here.

To learn more about this compassionate, life-saving organization, follow AWD’s Facebook and Instagram . Watch a video.  Read a story. Or better yet, come and join the AWD family by volunteering on-site at their facility, or become a foster parent by bringing a shelter pet into your loving home.