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Working Cat Application

Interested in adopting working cats? Please fill out this application and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.
Contact Information
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What type of facility do you have for a working cat?   Select all that are applicable.
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Is the facility temperature controlled?  

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Why do you want to adopt a working cat?  
Do you have working cats now?  

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Do you have a safe place to enclose the cat during the acclimation period?  

Are you willing to keep a cat in a crate if needed to acclimate?  

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How social would you like your working cat to be?  

Are you comfortable adopting a working cat that may become friendly over time? Please note that we cannot guarantee that a working cat will or will not become social over time.  

What will you feed your working cat?  

Have you lost cats to coyotes or other wildlife in the past year?  

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