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Albuquerque Animal Welfare Department has partnered with GoodPup

Wait… What?

Did you say FREE dog training? I’m listening!

Albuquerque Animal Welfare Department has partnered with GoodPup.

Anyone who adopters or fosters a dog from us will receive 1 FREE week of dog training, + 20% off for life on future trainings, + GoodPup will give  generous donations to Animal Welfare. After adoption or foster you will receive paperwork with a link to sign up with GoodPup online.

Learn the core skills and solve any puppy problem. Their trainers use science backed, positive reinforcement methods.

  • Work 1-on-1 with a Top Trainer
  • Their Trainers are Certified, Vetted, and Reviewed
  • Flexible Scheduling. Train over video chat at home.
  • Chat With Your Trainer Whenever You Need Help.

Questions come up. Their team is always there to help.

We are excited to partner with GoodPup and have already received positive reviews from adopters. To sign up go to: