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City Indoor Turf Field Home in Albuquerque Following Temporary Location during COVID

City partners with EXPO New Mexico to benefit Community, State
August 04, 2023

August 4, 2023

ALBUQUERQUE – The Parks and Recreation Department (PRD) announced the City’s indoor turf field is now located at EXPO New Mexico. A COVID-era deal between the City and Rio Rancho Event Center has come to an end and the turf is in Albuquerque, as the City always promised it would be. The turf field had been temporarily located at the Event Center due to COVID-era pandemic restrictions that had closed Tingley Coliseum to major events.

Last Tuesday, a City crew delivered the indoor turf field via two truckloads to its new home at EXPO New Mexico. The turf field is in good shape and will remain in storage at Tingley Coliseum until after the State Fair, when other activities resume at EXPO NM.

“The City has said all along that the indoor turf field would be located in Albuquerque and we have kept that promise,” said Parks and Recreation Director Dave Simon. “The field will provide years of benefits to the Albuquerque community and Metro area.”

The City and EXPO New Mexico have a ten-year agreement to keep the artificial turf field at EXPO NM. EXPO New Mexico will utilize the indoor artificial turf for a wide variety of programs and events; use of the field will not be exclusive. Uses will be subject to EXPO NM’s policies and procedures. EXPO NM is particularly interested in offering opportunities to use the turf to youth and adult organizations, emphasizing the time period between the end of the State Fair into the Summer. The City will also get at least five free uses of the artificial turf per year.   


About CABQ Parks & Recreation: The City of Albuquerque’s Parks and Recreation Department is responsible for maintaining nearly 300 parks, 143 miles of multi-use trails, more than 29,000 acres of Major Public Open Space, four municipal golf courses, and numerous aquatics and recreation facilities throughout Albuquerque. Hundreds of employees across six divisions within the Department take pride in ensuring Albuquerque residents have great facilities to foster a vibrant and healthy community.