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City Continues Significant Investments in Park Safety and Security

Security staff, along with $800,000 in park infrastructure improvements will improve accessibility and comfort.

Dec. 29, 2021

The City of Albuquerque is continuing its initiative to improve park safety through security staffing and other safety improvements, creating safer parks for families to enjoy. These safety and security efforts will continue into 2022, using funds proposed by Mayor Tim Keller and approved by City Council in the FY22 budget.

The Metro Security Division (MSD) and Parks and Recreation (PRD) are working together to increase the presence of security officers at numerous parks to deter unsafe activities and vandalism. Roughly $600,000 has been allocated to hire up to 10 more security officers who will be dedicated to City parks.

“Everyone in our city deserves safe, accessible outdoor spaces,” said Mayor Tim Keller. “Parks are a big deal in my family, and with these key investments we look forward to empowering our community to get out there and enjoy what our city has to offer.”

MSD is currently conducting two daily patrols at 20 parks, skate parks, pools and recreation facilities around the city. In addition, they are clearing parking lots and locking gates at night at eight parks including Arroyo del Oso Park, USS Bullhead Park, Kirtland Park, Pat Hurley Park, Tower Park, Mariposa Basin Park, New Mexico Veterans Memorial, and Vietnam Veterans Park. MSD officers are also regularly staffing evening hours at Los Altos Pool and the Jerry Kline Tennis Complex.

“We invite community members who want to make a difference and keep our parks safe to join our team,” said Department of Municipal Development Deputy Director Paul Rogers. “We are recruiting for vacant positions offering increased starting salaries, a signing bonus, and great benefits.”

Job postings for MSD security officers can be viewed and applications submitted at

The following parks and recreation facilities are receiving MSD security patrol services:

  • Arroyo del Oso
  • USS Bullhead Park
  • Kirtland Park
  • Mariposa Basin Park
  • New Mexico Veterans Memorial
  • Vietnam Veterans Park
  • Westgate Community
  • Tower Park
  • Mountain View
  • Pat Hurley Park
  • Wells Park
  • Robinson Park
  • USS Bullhead Memorial Park
  • Trumbull Park
  • Trumbull Children’s Park
  • Wilson Park
  • Phil Chacon Park
  • Jack and Jill Park
  • North Domingo Baca Park
  • Montgomery Park
  • Tom Bolack Urban Forest Park
  • Luecking North Park
  • Luecking South Park
  • Piedra Lisa Park
  • Los Altos Pool
  • Jerry Cline Tennis Center

“City departments are creatively working together to make parks safer for everyone in Albuquerque,” said Dave Simon, Director of the Parks and Recreation Department.

In addition to security staffing increases, PRD has invested nearly $800,000 into park safety improvements such as lighting, fences, and cameras over the past two years, and will have completed projects in over 80 locations by the end of FY22. The 2021 GO Bond package approved by voters in November authorized an additional $500,000 for park security investments.