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Barks and Recreation: City Plans to Double the Number of Accessible Dog Parks

Parks and Recreation Department announces the expansion of the dog park system with new mini dog parks, standard dog parks and future potential locations.
July 13, 2023

Mayor Keller and the Parks and Recreation Department (PRD) announced a plan to double the number of dog parks in the City. Already known as the dog-friendly city, Albuquerque was recently ranked 11th in the nation for dog parks based on three categories: access, quality and climate.  The City currently has 14 standard dog parks. PRD has mapped out a plan to add 7 new “standard dog parks” along with 11 or more innovative “mini-dog parks” over the next two years.  Doubling the number of dog parks will improve accessibility to dog parks across the City.

“Our plan to increase dog parks will get tails wagging all over Albuquerque,” said Parks and Recreation Director Dave Simon.

Albuquerque’s standard dog parks are larger in size (0.5-2.0 acres) and typically have a full range of features, such as shade, lighting and water.  PRD will also pioneer a new approach of building “mini” dog parks, which will be smaller and have fewer amenities. Mini dog parks will take advantage of unused or underutilized areas within existing parks and City-owned lands, converting them to dog parks without otherwise reducing important green space. The new standard and mini dog parks are in different states of development. The popular Rio Grande Triangle Dog Park was reopened on Tuesday, showcasing an approximate $270,000 in renovations. The park received new fencing, resurfacing, new furnishings, a new water fountain, an irrigation system, 56 newly planted trees and new furnishings. The mini dog parks at Manzano Mesa Park and the West Mesa Aquatics Center are scheduled to begin construction this week. The dog park at Los Altos Park is planned to be restored during Phase 2 of the park’s renovations. All dog park projects announced should be under construction in 2023 and early 2024.

The Parks and Recreation Department believes that dog parks are a quality of life benefit for the furry companions of the Duke City. Dog parks provide many benefits not only for dog owners who can be active, but for dogs to relieve stress and a place they can burn off stored-up energy. PRD is focused on equally distributing dog park locations throughout Albuquerque to ensure equitable access.    

“Albuquerque is a dog-friendly city, and expanding our dog parks means even more safe, fun connection points to keep our families engaged, and enjoying our beautiful city,” said Mayor Tim Keller. “Our highly-ranked dog parks provide equitable access to memory-making, quality space for families and their beloved pets.” 

PRD will also continue to evaluate other potential sites for future dog park locations. The dog park network expansion is being funded by $2 million set aside in the City’s FY2023 budget. In some cases, City funds and state funds have been combined to complete larger park renovation projects which include a dog park in the plan, such as at Phil Chacon Park, Wells Park and Vista del Norte Park.