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“Community Read Aloud” is This Weekend’s Park Pop-Up Event

June 16, 2023

ALBUQUERQUE –The Parks and Recreation Department (PRD) hosted a Community Read Aloud at Bennie J Aragon Park in southwest Albuquerque as part of the 2023 Park Pop-Up Program.  Community members and children enrolled in City summer programs were “guest readers” for the event, choosing from four different genres: Children’s Hour, Poetry Hour, New Mexico Hour and Reader’s Choice. PRD partnered with the Westgate Heights Public Library (Dept. of Arts and Culture) and the Family and Community Services Department for the event. The Park Pop-Up event also featured a bicycle rodeo, a bicycle clinic, arts and crafts, park games, and music.

“Reading a great book in a beautiful park is as good as it gets,” said Parks and Recreation Director Dave Simon.

In 2023, PRD revamped and rebranded what was previously known as the “Neighborhood Park Activation Program” to the “Park Pop-Up Program.” The Park Pop-Up Program invites community members, neighborhood associations, non-profits, and other neighborhood, educational and community organizations to initiate community-led recreational, arts, culture, and educational programming in City parks. So far this year, the City has sponsored community-led events such as a fashion show in a park, mothers and children’s music group in a park, a movie night, and an LGBTQ+ family picnic. The Park Pop-Up Program encourages community members to “think outside of the box” when it comes to the types of events that are held in a public park. PRD offers support to event organizers through sponsorships and in-kind support (such providing the PRD Games Trailer and help with promotion). The events are required to be free and open to the public. With nearly 300 parks throughout Albuquerque, the City encourages community members to host events in their neighborhood parks. 

“Encouraging our children’s interest in books, story-telling and fostering their creativity is not just a joy, it is investment our future,” said Mayor Tim Keller. “This type of cross-cultural, cross-generational community engagement is priceless, and ultimately creates a stronger Albuquerque.”

The Community Read Aloud was the first event of a series that will be hosted and organized by the City as an example for community members interested in organizing their own. For more information and to submit a proposal for a Park Pop-Up event, visit