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Commission Ordinance & Strategic Plan


The Board shall:

  1. Consult with tribal governments prior to taking actions that affect federally recognized
    tribal governments and shall assess the impact of City programs on tribal communities.
  2. Take appropriate steps to remove impediments to working directly and effectively with
    tribal governments.
  3. Bring American Indian/Alaska Native concerns to the City's attention by educating the
    City on the challenges, concerns, and resolutions of American Indian/Alaska Native
    citizens of Albuquerque; and by evaluating the social, economic, environmental, health,
    educational, and governmental challenges affecting American Indian/Alaska Native
  4. Encourage employment opportunities of Indians in the City's public and private sectors.
  5. Work with the American Indian/Alaska Native community to increase awareness of and
    access to services and programs in the City of Albuquerque; and advise the Mayor
    regarding the number of American Indian/Alaska Native citizens accessing City services.
  6. Support economic development for Indian entrepreneurs.
  7. Make recommendations to the Mayor for placement of American Indian/Alaska Natives
    on City boards, committees, and commissions.
  8. Provide an opportunity for the presentation and exchange of ideas in respect to American
    Indian/Alaska Native affairs of the City by all interested persons.
  9. Submit annually a written report of its activities and an evaluation of the effectiveness of
    §§ 2-6-6-1 et seq. to the Mayor and the City Council with recommendations for changes.


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