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Information for Tax Preparers

What tax preparers need to know to comply with 2023 revised Albuquerque City Ordinance

The Albuquerque Tax Preparers Ordinance takes effect January 1, 2023. 

What businesses are impacted by the Albuquerque Tax Preparers Ordinance?

The Ordinance generally applies to tax preparers in the City of Albuquerque who charge consumers to prepare personal income tax returns. Attorneys, CPA's, IRS-enrolled agents and free low-income tax prep clinics are exempt. For detailed information on definitions and exemptions please read the Ordinance.

I completed the IRS Annual Filing Season Program. Am I exempt from this Ordinance?

No, Annual Filing Season Program participants are not exempt from the Ordinance.

Where Can I Get Model Forms and Templates for the Required Disclosures?

The City provides the Model Forms and Templates below for your convenience and to assist you in complying with the law. You are not required to use these model forms as long as the form you do use is compliant with the Ordinance. For questions specific to your circumstances or business, please consult with an attorney.

Model Forms & Signs 

Tax Preparer Mandatory Posting - Download these posters and print on 4 legal size (8.5 x 14") pages. Post prominently in the front reception area of your business. English, Spanish

Fee Disclosure Template - Download and edit these templates for the required fee disclosure (must be posted and provided to consumers) English, Spanish

Tax Preparer Information Disclosure - Download and edit these templates for the required tax preparer information disclosure (must be provided to consumers) English, Spanish

Final Cost Disclosure - Download and edit this template for the required final cost disclosure (must be provided to consumers before they become obligated to pay for services) English, Spanish

Certification of Acknowledgment - Required to file annually, by February 1.