Tax Preparers and Consumer Rights Ordinance

Information about the Tax Preparer and Consumer Rights Ordinance.

The City of Albuquerque’s Tax Preparer and Consumer Rights Ordinance went into effect on February 15, 2021. In adopting this Ordinance, the City Council found that it was in the public interest to:

  • Require that tax preparers disclose key information to potential taxpayers, such as qualifications, experience and estimated costs of services;
  • Ensure that taxpayers receive competent and ethical tax preparation services; and
  • Provide taxpayers, who are living in or doing business in Albuquerque, ways to address unfair or deceptive tax preparer practices, if they occur.

Tax Preparers

The Albuquerque Tax Preparers and Consumer Rights Ordinance is now in effect and will impact how you provide information to your clients and customers. Learn about the ordinance and its requirements.

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Taxpayer Consumer Rights

The new Albuquerque Tax Preparers and Consumer Rights Ordinance creates a Consumer Bill of Rights for Albuquerque residents. The ordinance requires that tax preparers provide their clients and customers with information fundamental to an understanding of any tax preparation agreement between a taxpayer and their tax preparer. Find out about your rights.

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  • Advance Child Tax Credit payments start July 15, 2021. Eligible families will receive monthly payments from the government from July 15 through December 2021 as part of the American Rescue Plan Act. Monthly payments are an advance on families’ child tax credit and will be sent directly to people through direct deposit, paper checks, or debit cards by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).  See Advance Child Tax Credits July 2021 alert and information.
  • 2020 TAX YEAR – The IRS has extended the deadline to file taxes until May 17, 2021 for this year.
  • The American Rescue Plan Act, signed by President Biden on March 11, 2021, excludes $10,200 of unemployment insurance income from taxation for most Albuquerque families.
  • Workers and families with limited income may qualify for the federal Earned Income Tax Credit and the New Mexico Families Tax Credit – both programs provide payments to you if you file.
  • Even if your earnings do not require you to file taxes, you should consider filing this year to receive the available through the American Rescue Plan Act. Some benefits include:
    • Federal Child Tax Credit will increase up to $3,500.
    • Federal Childcare and Dependent Tax Credit has been expanded.

The City understands that it will take some time for tax preparers to review these disclosure requirements and integrate them into their tax preparation services procedures. We are committed to answer questions and clarify the provisions of the ordinance, as needed, so that a tax preparer may come into compliance in a reasonable time frame. The City’s goal is to improve transparency and consumer understanding of services, costs, qualifications and consumer rights in tax preparation services.