File a Consumer Complaint

Information about filing a consumer complaint online or by phone.

Filing a Consumer Complaint Online

The City of Albuquerque Office of Consumer Protection accepts complaints from consumers about businesses. Please note that the Office of Consumer Protection cannot provide legal advice to you or intervene in your individual case. Complaints submitted will be reviewed for enforcement and used to track problems. A representative may contact you to get more information about your complaint. Information you submit in this form is a public record.

File a Consumer Complaint

Filing a Consumer Complaint by Phone

You can also file a complaint by phone. Please call 505-768-4596.

Submit an Anonymous Tip Online

You may also submit an anonymous tip with the form below. Any information you submit will still be a public record. If you choose to submit an anonymous tip, our Office will not be able to follow up with you to get additional information.

Make an Anonymous Tip