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Cerro Colorado Ground Mounted PV Array

Albuquerque's Second Ground Mounted Array

Cerro Colorado PV Large

Also a ground mounted installation, this array was chosen because there would not have been any additional benefit to staff/citizens to include covered parking.

This 200 kWh ground mounted array will offset electric purchases at the City of Albuquerque Cerro Colorado municipal solid waste landfill administrative building, maintenance shop, truck wash facility, and landfill gas flare station. These facilities are adjacent to each other and had separate connections that were combined into a single service that qualified for a lower cost utility rate.

  • Annual Electric Production: 438,000 kWh
  • Annual Reduction in CO2 emission: 554,416 pounds of CO2
  • Annual avoided cost of electricity purchase: $43,800.00
  • Annual Renewable Energy Credits from PNM: $41,610.00/year (15 years)
  • Project is warrantied for 25 years
  • Budget: $1,217,739

Funding Source: ARRA/EECBG Grant
Operation Weblink: Waiting on PNM

The City used local contractors to develop this turnkey project that consisted of design, engineering, installation, and maintenance.