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Albuquerque Fire Rescue Academy Ground Mounted PV Array

One of the City's first ground mounted PV Arrays

Fire Academy PV Array

Ground mounted solar power systems consist of solar panels held in place by racks or frames which are attached to ground based mounting supports. In the case of the Albuquerque Fire Rescue Academy, the space underneath the array is used for covered parking.

This 200 kWh array offsets electric purchases at the City of Albuquerque Fire Academy, Westside Animal Shelter, and the Air Quality District administrative building. The three buildings are adjacent to each other and are connected to the local utility via a common electric meter located on the Fire Academy grounds.

  • Annual Electrical Production (estimate): 438,000 kWh
  • Annual Reduction in CO2 emission equivalents: 554,416 pounds of CO2
  • Annual avoided cost of purchasing electricity: $43,800.00
  • Annual Renewable Energy Credit from PNM: $37,230.00/year (15 years)
  • Project is warrantied for 25 years of service
  • Budget: $1,242,574

Funding Source: ARRA/EECBG Grant