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City Wide Lighting Upgrades

Learn more about energy-efficient lighting upgrades in the city.

Fluorescent lamps have a life cycle of approximately 45,000 hours and require a ballast that has a typical life cycle of approximately 35,000 hours. Standard fluorescent lights can not be dimmed without adding expensive ballasts, turning Fluorescent lamps on and off degrades their life cycle to about half to an estimated 2-3 years, and require special handling for disposal.

LED have a 50,000 hour life warranty, estimated 100,000 hour life cycle and their life cycle is unaffected by dimming controls, daylight harvesting controls and on and off cycling, LED’s do not contain a ballast, LED’s do not require special handling for disposal and LED operation is unaffected by cold temperatures.

The DOE recommends LED for parking structure application, reduction of significant O&M costs, quality of light, availability of energy efficient controls with LED, increased retail cost of fluorescent lamps and decreased retail cost of LED. LED’s eliminate maintenance costs for six years and eliminate required replacement stock to be stored on site, and increase the availability skilled City manpower to address other City issues.

  • Total Annual Electrical avoided use: 7,550,291 kWh
  • Annual Reduction in CO2emission equivalents: 11,477,274 pounds (5,206 metric tons)
  • Annual avoid cost of Electrical Purchases: $701,847.
  • Budget: $1,335,871.
  • Annual reduced maintenance costs associated with LED light installation: $53,333.
  • PNM energy efficiency incentives: $69,599 (A year? Total?)
  • Funding Source: 1% and 3% for Energy Conservation Set-A-Side for Capital Improvements
  • Payback: 1.9 years (no inflation)


  • Citywide Traffic signal energy efficiency upgrade to LED lights
  • LED Modules for Traffic Signal upgrade
  • Lighting upgrades City / County Underground Parking lot
  • Lighting & Sensor installation in City Hall 7th Floor
  • Lighting upgrade in 5th & Copper Parking Structure
  • Parking Structures LED sign upgrades
  • City/County Hallway lighting efficiency upgrade
  • Thomas Bell Gym Day/Solar Lighting
  • Records Center Lighting Efficiency Upgrades
  • Los Volcanes Senior Center Lighting Efficiency Upgrades
  • Fire Station #1 Lighting Efficiency Upgrades
  • Bear Canyon Community Center Lighting Efficiency Upgrade
  • West Mesa Community Center Lighting Efficiency Upgrades
  • 4th Street Fuels Lighting Efficiency Upgrades
  • Parks Maintenance Services Lighting Efficiency Upgrades
  • Vehicle Maintenance Complex Lighting Efficiency Upgrades
  • Senior Affairs Lighting Efficiency Upgrades
  • East Central Multi Cultural Center Lighting Efficiency Upgrades
  • Solid Waste Edith Facility Building Lighting Efficiency Upgrades
  • 4th Street General Services Lighting Efficiency Upgrades
  • South Broadway Cultural Center Lighting Efficiency Upgrades 7355182
  • Acropolis Parking Structure Lighting Efficiency Upgrade LED
  • 4th and Lead Parking Structure Lighting Efficiency Upgrade LED

Total Cumulative light upgrade Electrical Avoided use 37,680,761 kWh
Total Cumulative avoided cost $3,441,132
Total Cumulative Reduction in CO2 emission equivalents: 57,282,670 pounds (25,983 metric tons)