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Street Name Request

Requests for New Street Names

All requests for new street names must be submitted by email to the City Surveyor prior to review of the Preliminary Plat. The name of the proposed subdivision needs to be in the subject field. The following information is required in the body of the email:

  • Subdivision name (in subject field)
  • Zone Atlas page
  • Street name(s) requested
  • Street designation (see below)
  • Street type (Public or Private)
  • Quadrant

Upon receipt of the email, requested names will be screened against existing names and for compliance with the Ordinance governing the Naming and Changing Names of Streets (Council Bill O-198, Enactment Number 99-1983). The email correspondence needs to be complete, with all communication related to the street name request(s) – please do not start a new email on responses, rather continue the original one. Applicable and complete email correspondence will constitute documentation of approved street names. A hard copy of the complete email approving all names must be submitted at the time of signature of the Preliminary Plat by the City Surveyor.


Public Streets

Orientation (direction) of street determines designation as follows:

  • North-South designated as DRIVE or STREET
  • East-West designated as ROAD or AVENUE
  • Streets ending in a hammerhead or cul-de-sac designated as COURT, and if also intersecting another street, designated as PLACE (check DPM criteria related to length of street)
  • "Stub" streets designated as DRIVE, STREET, ROAD or AVENUE depending on orientation

Private Streets

Designated as WAY, TRAIL, or LANE, regardless of orientation


Public street names cannot exceed 13 characters, including space(s) and excluding designation(s). The length of private street names must not exceed the capabilities of the fields of all databases utilizing these names.