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Final Plat Review Process

Information about the City's Final Plat Review Process.

City Survey Office Final Plat Review Process

  1. The surveyor or agent will submit one 18” x 24” copy of the unsigned plat along with the completed Final Plat Checklist to the City Survey office. These items constitute the review comments when completed by the City Survey office. Copies of the checklist can be obtained from the City Survey web page:
  2. The plat will be reviewed within 48 hours. Comments will be available after that time. Items to be addressed and other comments will be noted on the review copy as well as on the checklist. It is the responsibility of the person(s) submitting the plat to check on its review status, and to pick up the comments from the City Survey office.
  3. After changes to the original mylar have been made per City Surveyor comments, the plat is ready for the signature of the surveyor and owner(s), with the latter requiring notary acknowledgment(s). All signatures should be in black ink. Notary and professional surveyor stamps must be legible.
  4. After all comments have been addressed and the plat has been signed by the surveyor, owner(s), and notary, the City Surveyor will receive the review comments, and if complete, sign the plat. The review copy and checklist are retained by the City Survey office and the owner/surveyor will retain the original mylar. Additional signatures will be required through the Development Review Board approval process.

Other Considerations

  • Final plats of major subdivisions require a surveyor or developer to submit a Letter of Assurance for centerline monumentation at the time the plat will be signed by the City Surveyor. An 8 1⁄2” x 11” copy of the final plat will be filed with this letter in the City Survey office.
  • For platting purposes, all subdivisions will consist of entire lots or tracts of public record, or proper conveyances executed prior to November 12, 1973. Subdivision of portions of lots or tracts creating remainders is not allowed.
  • For all plats done within the City of Albuquerque, surveyors will certify to compliance with the Albuquerque Subdivision Ordinance and also to State of New Mexico Standards for land surveying.
  • All dedications of private land to the City of Albuquerque for right-of-way or other public purposes will be in fee simple with warranty covenants unless another type of conveyance would benefit the City of Albuquerque, and is permitted by the Development Review Board.
  • This information is not comprehensive, and only identifies the City Survey Office process for plat review; additional conditions will be required by the City of Albuquerque, Planning Department, Development Review Board.

Rev 08-12