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May 31, 2024 Community Hall Newsletter

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May 31, 2024

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Hello Albuquerque,

We've reached a pivotal milestone for our community that we have been working toward for nearly a decade. The Albuquerque Police Department has achieved full and effective compliance with the Court-Approved Settlement Agreement, or CASA. The road to get here has not been easy, but we never gave up because we believed that real reform was possible. This accomplishment is a testament to the dedication of the department to create meaningful change and hold itself to the highest standards. I’m grateful for our officers, who put their lives on the line every day for our families, and all the hard work to get us to this point.

While APD has attained full compliance, we know the work of reform is ongoing. We will never take our eyes off the ball when it comes to building trust in the community. Everyone in Albuquerque deserves to be safe, and I know that APD will work everyday to fight crime with an unwavering commitment to constitutional policing.

This is a busy time of year at the City of Albuquerque. Today, I signed our City’s $1.4B budget that fully funds critical public safety initiatives, focuses on addressing housing and homelessness crises effectively and creatively, and makes key investments in jobs, sustainability, and quality of life. We appreciate working with our City Council on this budget as we continue to move our city forward.

There are many other issues happening right now at the City Council, including the annual Integrated Development Ordinance update and discussions about significant changes to our City Charter. Your ideas, feedback, and engagement are invaluable on these topics as we work together to make our city the best place for our families. We encourage you to be part of our public processes, whether it’s giving your input on these bills, serving on a board or commission, or volunteering for a cause you believe in.

Thank you for the work you do to strengthen our community.


Mayor Tim Keller

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