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May 17, 2020 Coronavirus Updates and Resources

This week, Mayor Tim Keller announced: City of Albuquerque readiness for reopening; City’s readiness for youth, summer programs; several town halls held this week; class of 2020 celebrated; and ABQ Sunport revenue outlook, COVID-19 recovery plans.

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Hello Albuquerque, 

We have been preparing to begin carefully opening back up and now, our State and City are ready for the next phase in this process. This week we shared our plan to enter phase I.

We are working with businesses and other organizations to make it easier to adjust occupancy limits, opened up a lottery for summer youth programming for working families who need a safe place for their children, implemented protocols for City employees as they begin to return back to work, and made plans for quarantine and contact tracing in the event of an outbreak in certain places.

With that said, I want to remind everyone how important it is that we continue to stay home as much as possible and refrain from gathering in large groups.

Staying completely closed indefinitely is not an option for our city for many reasons. It’s not an option for many of our residents who need to get back to work to support their families, or for those who do not feel safe at home, or are needing a healthy place to get some fresh air.

As more City facilities open up, let’s work together to try to reserve these re-opening programs and open spaces for those that don’t have other means. If you have a backyard, try staying home and utilizing your backyard space so that those who don’t can use places like Tingley Beach to take a breather.

Thank you again for all of your work to flatten the curve.

-Mayor Tim Keller

This week, Mayor Tim Keller announced:

  • City of Albuquerque Readiness for Reopening
  • City’s Preparation Phase Readiness for Child, Youth and Summer Programs for Working Families
  • Several Town Halls Held This Week
  • Class of 2020 Celebrated
  • ABQ Sunport Outlines Revenue Outlook and Plans for COVID-19 Recovery