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July 9, 2020 Community Hall Newsletter

This week, Mayor Tim Keller announced: budget closeout signed, including investments for Black community; Mayor Keller’s statement on the passing on Rudolfo Anaya; summer meals for kids; Mayor Keller joins Downtown businesses, Economic Development and Cultural Services Departments to boost Downtown; and City will invest half million dollars to connect low-income workers to better jobs at essential and Minority-owned businesses.

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Hello Albuquerque,

As we get further into the summer, the temptation to gather with family and friends continues to grow. We want to remind folks that coronavirus is still just as much of a threat to the health of our community and we are seeing the number of positive cases back on the rise. 

It is important that we all do our part to physically distance, wash our hands frequently and wear a mask anytime you are in public. We also need everyone to avoid large groups and stay home as much as you can so that we can slow the spread and keep our local businesses open. 

We will get through this together Albuquerque.

-Mayor Tim Keller

This week, Mayor Tim Keller announced:

  • Budget Closeout Signed, Including Investments for Black Community
  • Mayor Keller’s Statement on the Passing on Rudolfo Anaya
  • Summer Meals for Kids
  • Mayor Keller Joins Downtown Businesses, Economic Development and Cultural Services Departments to Boost Downtown
  • City Will Invest Half Million Dollars to Connect Low-Income Workers to Better Jobs at Essential and Minority-Owned Businesses