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Jan. 16, 2021 Community Hall Newsletter

This week, Mayor Tim Keller announced: Thanking Community Advocates, CROWN Act Signed Into Law, MLK, Jr. Events, CARES Act Funding, and Free Financial Navigator Service.

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Good morning Albuquerque,

The violence in Washington D.C. last week exposed some of the deepest wounds that our country is dealing with: the racism embedded in our institutions, letting fear get in the way of facts, and even a struggle to uphold the most core tenants of our founding Constitution, like free and fair elections and peaceful transitions of power.

Albuquerque has shown time and time again that we can rise above attempts to divide us and find ways to remain united, peacefully and safely living out our values. We’re not exempt from these national issues; people living here are not exempt from hatred and discrimination. But I was proud of our city that there were no incidents here locally and urge us all to keep it that way.

As Mayor, when things feel so fractured nationally, I reflect on what we can do here, today, in our own community. This weekend, leading up to Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, is an important time for each of us to consider how we can be actively anti-racist in our own lives, as well as strive for unity in our community even when that means having tough conversations.

Here at the City, we are committed to a foundation of equity for all of our work, and in our support for our working families, local businesses and vulnerable communities. Often, that requires first listening, learning, and then stepping up to act.

There are many powerful virtual events this weekend championing the end of racism and discrimination, and we'll hope to see you there.

Take care of yourselves and your families,

Mayor Tim Keller

  • This week, Mayor Tim Mayor Keller Thanks Community Advocates, Signs CROWN Act Into Law
  • City of Albuquerque Sponsors MLK, Jr. Events
  • City Invests CARES Act Funding in Caring for Most Vulnerable, Boosting Economy, Shifting City Workers to COVID Response
  • Albuquerque Launches Free Financial Navigator Service to Help Residents Tackle COVID-19 Financial Challenges