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Feb. 11, 2021 Community Hall Newsletter

This week, Mayor Tim Keller announced: Youth Job & Volunteer Fair; Helping Seniors Register for COVID Vaccine; Climate Action Plan Open for Public Comment; Electric Bus Debut; Free Transit Equity Day Fares; Major Mixed-Use Development to Boost Housing; Abq Again Ranked #1 MovieMaker Best Place to Live and Work.

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Hello Albuquerque, 

Over the last few weeks, our community has made a lot of progress when it comes to slowing the spread of coronavirus. We are moving from “red” to “yellow” under the State’s Public Health Order. That means fewer restrictions on what can open and at what capacity. It does not mean we can let up, but rather shows that each of our everyday choices makes a difference.

As we see more businesses open up and capacity increase, we will also be able to make adjustments to some of our City facilities and services. We have  provided  essential services throughout the entire pandemic  including childcare, meals for seniors, transportation, and public safety operations. In the yellow phase, we will be able to do things like open up 3,000 additional spots in our youth programs and allow for 3,000 more people per week to visit the world-class Frida Khalo and Diego Rivera exhibit at the Albuquerque Museum. You can find the latest updates on our programs and services on our website or by calling 311. 

We know it’s been a difficult year facing this new challenge. In spite of these tough times,  the majority of Burqueños are feeling optimistic about our future and agree that our focus is where it should be—on priorities that matter most to Albuquerque’s hard-working families. Take a look at the latest Citizen Satisfaction Survey available on our website to learn more about how the City is stepping up. 

Your efforts are making the difference. Keep wearing masks, avoiding large gatherings, getting tested, and when you’re offered the vaccine, take the shot. 

Stay safe and healthy,

Mayor Tim Keller

This week, Mayor Tim Mayor Keller announced:

  • Virtual One Albuquerque: Youth Job & Volunteer Fair
  • City Helping Seniors Register for COVID Vaccine
  • Keller Administration Opens Climate Action Plan for Public Comment
  • ABQ RIDE Debuts Electric Bus
  • City, Community Advocates Announced Free Fares for Students, Seniors, Veterans to Mark Transit Equity Day
  • City Leaders, Community Partners Cut the Ribbon on Major Mixed-Use Development to Boost Housing in Southwest Albuquerque
  • Albuquerque Again Ranked #1 Best Place to Live and Work as a MovieMaker in 2020