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New Tool Puts Mayor Keller’s Crime-Fighting Strategy in One Convenient Place

Brings transparency to strategies, results and ways to get involved

July 11, 2019

Making Albuquerque safer is Mayor Tim Keller’s number one priority. The City has now made it easier for residents to learn more about crime-fighting strategies, results and ways to get involved. A new Crime Strategy webpage breaks down the administration’s plan to fight crime from all sides into 20 different categories including community policing, behavioral health, gun violence, children’s safety and more.

“To make Albuquerque safer, we’re fighting crime from all sides,” Mayor Tim Keller said. “We have a suite of strategies that cut across different departments and tackle complex, long-term problems. We wanted to make it simple for residents to find out what how we’re approaching these issues, how it’s working, and how they can get involved. This is just one way that we’re putting information and resources into the hands of our community.”

Residents can scroll through the webpage or click on a topic of interest, including ways to get involved in the fight against crime. Among those many ways to get involved are donating to the One Albuquerque Housing Fund, starting a Neighborhood Watch, enrolling in the Citizen Police Academy, applying to serve on a Community Policing Council, reporting needles in public spaces, and more.

Visit to check out the information and resources available. Residents are encouraged to check back often as the webpage grows and more information is added.