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Mayor Tim Keller’s Nominee for City Clerk Confirmed by Council

Mayor Tim Keller’s nominee for City Clerk, Katy Duhigg, was confirmed today by a unanimous City Council vote.

August 20, 2018

Katy Duhigg will serve as the City’s chief records custodian, conduct municipal elections and manage administrative hearings.

“With more than a decade working to make government more open and responsive, our new City Clerk Katy Duhigg has the experience to take the Clerk’s office to the next level,” said Mayor Tim Keller. “Now that Katy Duhigg is confirmed by Council, we will be working together to improve processes that promote transparency at the City.”

The City Clerk is also responsible for conducting administrative hearings related to vehicle seizures, animal appeals, handicapped parking and personnel matters.

Born and raised in Albuquerque, Katy Duhigg graduated from the University Of New Mexico School Of Law and is the Managing Partner of The Duhigg Law Firm. For ten years, Duhigg has been focusing on election law and consumer protection cases. Katy also serves as the Vice President of Common Cause New Mexico, a nonpartisan, grassroots organization dedicated to fair elections and making government at all levels more democratic, open, and responsive to the interests of all people.